Monday, January 30, 2012

ladder bookcase? and more thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for time to make bread. Time to knead. It is hard for me to be silent and to wait on the Lord. I decided since I needed to knead the bread for ten minutes it would be a good practice in silence and listening. It is amazing when I am used to verbalizing to God, how hard it is to be silent!
I found this orange ginger jar on ebay for 
99 cents. Of course one does have to pay for shipping! I like some touches of bright colors in the house since I have white walls!
The Lord dropped some money in my lap and I had been wanting some comfortable seating in the porch. Something that didn't take up room and could convert to added sleeping for when my grandkids visit. This was perfect. It folds all the way down, or can be used as a lounge chair as I have it or both ends can go up---I got 100 dollars off it because of a combined sale and coupon. Excuse my mess---I just snapped it as is.
Here is a picture of it from the online:

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

I covered mine with some similar colored quilting for sitting on--but it can be unzipped and dry cleaned. It is from World Market.
Ok, so lastly, I saw a blogger talking about uses for ladders. I pulled out my battered splattered ladder to see if it would work for books and it does. But would my hubby like this, I don't think so--we will see. Some people paint them white , or colors of brightness, or some leave them like mine. Another thing--it would probably be spilled all out when the kiddies come. Sooooooooo, I am experimenting........


Any who--I am thankful again for this beautiful day. I finally got to go walking because my cold is not as bad. It felt as if I had been in another world for 3 weeks! I am thankful for the smell of fresh bread, the hands on kneading and the time to do it and be quiet. I am thankful for God's over provisions this week.


  1. My little grands would be climbing that ladder! I love the new couch/seat. It is unusual and looks great with so many uses!

    It feels like spring here today...I'm enjoying the sunshine while it lasts!

  2. Experimenting is fun. I like the look of the ladder, but I'd be concerned about tippiness with little ones around. And my husband would definitely raise his eyebrows in wonder again.
    Kneading bread is a great time for contemplation.

  3. Kneading bread and hearing from the Lord- 2 great things!!

    Love your ladder- I have one in my little detached sunroom that I use like this and love it

  4. I like the sitting arrangement and new furniture on the sun porch...and I like your brand of 'mess'too! If only I were that messy. :)
    I'd love to try having a ladder like that for shelves or blankets or just whatever. I've seen the blogger doing them too. But 2 things for me...1) SPACE... I've got so much already. 2) the Littles... they're climbers!
    My Honey sounds much like yours... he would question.

    I like you little changes. Glad you were able to get out and walk and that your cold has subsided. Kneading bread sounds soothing. Experiencing some quiet...sounds really soothing.
    I don't think it is ever quiet here!

  5. Love the jar you got! I like reading about your blessings!

  6. Yummm... bread (o:
    Love that couch too...
    the ladder book shelf is cool... but if it is there when the little climber Grandson

  7. Nice new couch - unusual! Beautiful vase - and a good deal, except for the shipping of course.

    The ladder - funny that it came up this week. Because one of the picture of the 4 girls had a really worn, ugly ladder leaning up against the fence in the background. I wasn't happy when I saw it and asked Michelle if she could get it out with some computer magic - she did, though she had liked it when she saw it. I didn't. But it is a clever idea to use it as a bookshelf, if it fits your motif - but the kids would definitely love to mess it up!

    As for Picassa - yes, that's what it is. I do remember hearing that word somewhere in my distant memory. I was in the middle of downloading the pix yesterday when I got the message that my capacity was used up. I think it was 740 pictures, and it actually showed me every post that had pictures in it. YOu can click and see every picture you have. If you delete pictures to make room, they are no longer on your posts. I found that out the very yard way years ago when I was using Flickr and my former son in law was taking my pictures of his kids and using them on his Myspace page. I didn't realize that there are pictures out there now that others could be taking, possibly. I need to investigate further. In the meantime, I just wanted to finish my post, so I ordered the lowest number of space I could - 10,000, believe it or not, for $5. Supposedly it will renew each year - I use hope it gives me a prompt to decline, but if the remainder goes away at that time, I guess you have to keep renewing. I was not happy, but at least it was cheap!

  8. I don't understand either. Maybe it IS a scam. If so, I've been caught in it.

  9. Love the ladder! I think it would be cute painted and I would attach it to the wall with a bracket since it's by an entrance way.

  10. I'm so glad you are feeling better and felt able to go out for a walk in the warmer weather. Our weather is all over the place at the moment, not reliable at all, I think summer is over, though not officially for another month. I love your orange jar and what you are doing to your porch area. Blessings