Friday, March 29, 2013

Pre-Easter surprise

 photo IMG_5299.jpg a pre-Easter surprise! These baby ducklings hatched this week and all came to visit a nest we have outside our window. The nest near us has 25 eggs waiting to be hatched. The mother duck with all her ducklings came over for a visit--IT was SO CUTE Below is a picture of the nest a week ago, but it was covered so you couldn't see all the eggs. There are 25  photo IMG_5278.jpg Below they are leaving for the water  photo IMG_5298.jpg Anyways we are still waiting for the nest near us to hatch all of the eggs!! We also celebrated hubby's birthday this month  photo IMG_5280.jpg I know people hate these types of photos, LOL---fun, fun, fun ;-)

 Easter is soon coming and we can again sing Hallelujah !  photo IMG_5285.jpg

Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is coming

 photo IMG_5233.jpg

This little bunny reminds me of one I had as a Child--it brings me many smiles. He reminds me of Peter Rabbit.

 photo IMG_5237.jpg

I added some flowers to my bug collection, lol

 photo IMG_5245.jpg

I switched the furniture in one room to another one! I love confusing my family!
 photo IMG_5246.jpg
taken at night so not the best photography

 photo IMG_5248.jpg
I switched the day room with the living room ......ha ha
 photo IMG_5251.jpg
always love sitting by the window and we have a duck that is nesting only a few yards away. I hope to see the ducklings soon if nothing gets them!
 photo IMG_5253.jpg

Love the little pink chair in my dining area--a sunny spot to sit

 photo IMG_5263.jpg and below --my spring apron is out and serving
 photo IMG_5261.jpg

 photo IMG_5260.jpg

I moved some pink --or more of it into the area. I am loving pink lately--not sure why!

I even moved the chairs in front of the fireplace!
 photo IMG_5255.jpg

Don't you love moving things around????????????????

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is one of the books I am reading this week

I am only about a fourth of the way into this book , but I am enjoying it. Here are two quotes from the book that I have been thinking about:

"My life has morphed into making a living instead of living my life . . .  want to know my life matters, even if it means taking great risks." (this was a quote from her husband)

"There's a way to live both responsibly and passionately."

This book shows some of the horribleness of  Darfur . It really makes one think.