Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where is the canned pumpkin???


Do any of you out there in blog land have an absence of canned pumpkin in your stores? I have not been able to get any since January. I keep checking and there is none. I went again today and there is still NONE. (I called Libby's about 2 months ago to ask about this and they said they had a bad crop last year.) I will check some more stores later this week, but it is very frustrating and I don't want to do it from scratch with a real pumpkin!!

Let me know if you all are having the same problem!
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PS. I finally found some in the next town....but MSNBC said all stores should have some soon and that the shortage is over.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Keeping the Lord before me

Usually I share this type of stuff on my devotional blog----I do believe I have too many blogs. AH well.
I have been reading a book from 1609 called Introduction to the Devout Life. This has been helpful, but I have to read it slowly so I can apply it.

One thing he refers to is David's saying, "O Lord! As for me, I am always with you. I keep the Lord always before me. To you I raise my eyes, to you enthroned in heaven."

He says we should do this in our day, no matter where we are. ..."retire occasionally into the solitude of your heart while you are outwardly engaged in business or conversation. This mental solitude cannot be prevented by the multitude of those who surround you. For, as they are not about your heart, but your body, your heart may remain in the presence of God alone."

"As birds have their nests on trees to which they occasionally retire, and the deer, bushes and thickets in which they conceal themselves and enjoy the cool shade in the heat of summer, so shall we....choose some place every day, either on Mount Calvary, or in the wounds of our Lord, or in some other place near him, as a retreat to which we may occasionally retire to refresh and recreate ourselves amidst our exterior occupations, and there, as in a stronghold, defend ourselves against temptations. Blessed is he that can say with truth to our Lord: 'You are my rock and refuge, my shelter from the rain, my shade from the heat."

I like his illustration of the bird and the is a helpful picture. It is good, not just to meditate on scripture, but to actually in fullness of mind and heart seek to envelope our being with thoughts of God's actual presence. He is always present with us.....but it makes a difference when I think on this.....when I think of who HE is and His glorious is transforming.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



See this jar? See what is in this jar? These did me in.....well, these and a big bag of plain M&M's!! I just let loose and pigged out! My excuse is that they do have some fallish colors, don't they? I have been avoiding chocolate for a while.....well, at least in the form of candy. But I gave in to a craving.....oh did I GIVE IN!!! I hate to admit it , but I feel content.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Spiritual Bouquet

I have been reading an old work from the early 1600's and I like his idea of a spiritual bouquet.

He says that one of the things we should do after we have spent time meditating is to gather a little bouquet or garland of devotion. This is how he states it:

"One who has been walking in a beautiful garden does not depart willingly without gathering a few flowers to smell during the remainder of the day. In the same way we should, when our soul has been entertaining itself by meditating on some mystery, select one, two, or three of those points in which we have found most relish, and which are most proper for our advancement [spiritually], to think frequently on them, and 'smell' them , as it were spiritually, during the course of the day. This is to be done in the place in which we have been meditating, either remaining there in silence, or walking by ourselves for some time after."

This is a helpful picture for me---a spirtual bouquet! Yup....I like this idea.

PS. I am linking to : where others share something they have read.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A spooooky entrance by my son (double post)


My son is moving back from Seattle to the Charleston, SC area.....but while he awaits to move into his apartment, he may spend time in a spooooooky old Charleston house.


It has these windows as pictured above, that change into doorways---they slide upwords.


It has old parkay (sp?) floors, with left over Christmas decorations. There are creaky scary sounds in the night....and things that have been seen that are weird.


Hopefully he will not have any further spooky stories to tell.


and....he will leave in one piece when his furniture arives in a week so he can more into a less scary abode.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Giant Bubble


The news about Bedbugs

Lately, there has been a lot in the news about the resurgence of bedbugs. I happened to be talking to our pest control guy who comes every other month to spray around the house. We live in the South were there are cock roaches, etc just crusing around out in the yards, and streets, and one has to be careful about having them come inside!

But I asked him about bedbugs since I have been hearing about it in the national and local news. They are making some kind of big comeback! He says they have treated about 20 homes in the past month alone. Sometimes it is so bad owners have to throw out furniture and bedding.

They were saying in the national news that you can even pick them up at movie theaters! Yikes!

Anyways there is a link to an article below to help you prevent picking them up at motels, hotels, etc..... It tells you some things to look for and to do:


Thursday, September 2, 2010