Monday, September 10, 2012

cool get away

Photobucket We had a nice time over Labor Day visiting Georgetown , SC. We went on Captain Rod's tour boat and had some relaxing time watching the shrimpers above.....and going to North Island (with one of the oldest continuous running lighthouses on the east coast below.... Photobucket We saw plantation homes on various Islands---some of these are available for touring in March. This one below has the Widow's Walk up on the roof. Photobucket Walking on North Island was a treat---empty and beautiful and a glorious day: Photobucket Photobucket On the return trip in the boat we saw wild pigs which are ancestors of the Spaniard's pigs who first landed on one of these islands in the 1500's before landing in St. Augustine : Photobucket There are a lot of Bald Eagles and their nests as well in this bay area. Below you can see one on the piling: Photobucket Below is the smoke stack of the Harvest Moon, a boat that was sunk by the confederate citizens in Georgetown. The Union guys had angered the citizens because they had used the light house for target practice and burned plantations. So the citizens made a bomb/mine type thing in the hardware store and got their revenge by placing it in the harbor and down went the Harvest Moon! Photobucket On another day we visited our boys in Charleston, SC--here they are with my hubby in the harbor: Photobucket I thank the Lord, for get away times!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

blah blah

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I am not blogging much , as one can see!!! Spending time on other things. Here is a pic of my grandson---;-)