Tuesday, January 31, 2012

last day of January 2012!! Giving thanks for SC rice!


I received this rice as a gift at Christmas time. It is brown rice that is grown here in South Carolina. I love it! Someone told me that it was better than any other brown rice they had eaten. Well, my hubby and I love it! It is expensive--around 8 to 10 dollars for 2 pounds! But it surely is a treat.  We found it at the Bodega in Conway, SC, but it can also be purchased online here: http://palmettofarms.com/


I am so glad for fresh strawberries! These were from the USA-California. They were so fresh and tasty! I am so thankful for variety of food and the wonderful flavors of healthy food!

The last thing today that I give thanks for is the wonderful warm 70 degree weather we have been having. Cold at night and warm in the day. It feels like spring. It was wonderful for walking!! 

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking.
Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk. 
-   Raymond Inmon

Monday, January 30, 2012

ladder bookcase? and more thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for time to make bread. Time to knead. It is hard for me to be silent and to listen.....to wait on the Lord. I decided since I needed to knead the bread for ten minutes it would be a good practice in silence and listening. It is amazing when I am used to verbalizing to God, how hard it is to be silent!
I found this orange ginger jar on ebay for 
99 cents. Of course one does have to pay for shipping! I like some touches of bright colors in the house since I have white walls!
The Lord dropped some money in my lap and I had been wanting some comfortable seating in the porch. Something that didn't take up room and could convert to added sleeping for when my grandkids visit. This was perfect. It folds all the way down, or can be used as a lounge chair as I have it or both ends can go up---I got 100 dollars off it because of a combined sale and coupon. Excuse my mess---I just snapped it as is.
Here is a picture of it from the online:

Source: worldmarket.com via Kim on Pinterest

I covered mine with some similar colored quilting for sitting on--but it can be unzipped and dry cleaned. It is from World Market.
Ok, so lastly, I saw a blogger talking about uses for ladders. I pulled out my battered splattered ladder to see if it would work for books and it does. But would my hubby like this, I don't think so--we will see. Some people paint them white , or colors of brightness, or some leave them like mine. Another thing--it would probably be spilled all out when the kiddies come. Sooooooooo, I am experimenting........


Any who--I am thankful again for this beautiful day. I finally got to go walking because my cold is not as bad. It felt as if I had been in another world for 3 weeks! I am thankful for the smell of fresh bread, the hands on kneading and the time to do it and be quiet. I am thankful for God's over provisions this week.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 29--day is almost done--3 things to give thanks for


The day is almost done.....Today I am thankful for forgiveness. The cleansing that comes in loving and forgiving one another.---the joy and the delight in it.
     I am thankful for books that make me reflect on life and on the deeper things of God.
     I am thankful for the joys that are entailed in new life and a new walk.
     I am thankful for quiet times alone with God in prayer.
     I am thankful for shared talked about God and our walk with Him with my children and husband.
     I am thankful for the beauty of life, the beauty of Christ and the depth of his love.
     I am thankful for days of rest.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28--giving more thans


I love blustery day's and Friday was one of 

them. Don't you just love the changing 

clouds on a windy day?




I give thanks for the beauty of the sky, clouds and wind.


I am thankful for macrome--love the feel of it!

ON Friday we were in the 70's and the robins harkened

 Spring!  Guess they are fooled too!

I love the gentle coloring of the Robins!

I am thankful for tablecloths that can be used on the bed!

By Wilfred D'souza

What a beautiful world,
Filled with wonderful creations ,
Designed and planned ,
As per your plan,
With the sky,moon and sun,
And the glittering stars,
The animals ,plants and trees,
The creeping creatures,
On the ground above,
And under the sea,
The birds in the air,
What a Mighty and Powerful,
Lord of Lord's,
And amidst all this,
You created me,
I thank Thee,I adore Thee
I Praise Thee,I worship Thee,
There is no one above Thee,
You Were,You Are,and Forever You Will Be,
Because never ever can anyone be like Thee.


Thankful for all!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Janome love and 3 more things to give thanks for on January 27


Does not this little Janome aqua sewing machine make you smile? IT always makes me happy. It is a Hello Kitty one--but I didn't show that part in the picture.The sewing I did in my new desk area on the porch--oh , how I am loving this area!
I had some little fabric pieces from Walmart . I decided to make a few pillows to give some happy touches of red (since winter is often a gray time---however also often sunny here in SC!)
So I am thankful for happy sewing machines, and happy fabric, and for old pillows from which I steal stuffing!
I am thankful for other bloggers who encourage us to memorize Scripture--I shall try...a bit at a time.
I am thankful that I finally remembered how to take some close up pictures with my camera! And I am thankful for finding the camera manual---perhaps some tips shall help me!
I wanted to make some little wreaths--I found some wire and I had some pecan shells---used my glue gun and presto--I like them....I was inspired by the picture I found the other day--here it is below

Source: houzz.com via Kim on Pinterest

So today I give thanks for being able to be a little bit creative--for all the inspiration there is out there in blogworld, including spiritual and fun stuff, and creative stuff.....etc!! Thankful---yes!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

effects of pinterest and blogland and thankfulness

Source: houzz.com via Kim on Pinterest

This picture I found on line made me stop in my tracks!  I had to go improvise some red checked curtains. I used some tablecloths I had and pinned them up!

Do you ever do this? Just have to do something because it "speaks" to you? yaa, yaa, that is my white bedspread......alas.
Some have said we have to be careful of coveting--you know, when we look at mags, and pinterest.  But I do find they just (at least for now) give me ideas of how to improvise with what I have....or to look for a cheap alternative. I still need to make some tiny wreaths to hang on the window as shown in the top picture.

I am thinking the red attack is probably due to Valentine's thoughts.....but then again I have always loved touches of red. You say you wonder what that greenery is up on top of the curtain area?? I figured it was winter and I like the green woodsy feel it gives--and I have 3  cardinals up there looking down on me, that is WHY!

Then there is all of the wreath making that goes on in blogland. So I decided since I had these extra coffee filters (in white!--I bought these when I ran out of filters for my coffee until I could obtain the brown ones because I prefer brown for making my coffee). I took a wire hanger and used my glue gun and glued the crunched filters to the hanger.  Yup--I do like it.
Don't look too closely. I do need to get bigger lamps for my night stands!  hmmm, is that one word? I may make 2 more and have THREE in a row--not sure yet---I do have the materials.
So today I am thankful for ideas. I am thankful for bloggers who give us cheap ideas for decorating our homes. I am thankful for bright colors. I am thankful for home--it is so nice to have a quiet place, a cup of coffee, and time. I really was supposed to do some exercise today, but my sinus area is saying nope. ....that is my excuse for the moment. I am thankful for excuses! lol.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to grow bacteria and Jan 25 thanks for 3


I found an easy way to grow some bacteria!  I had this rice in a closed glass container in the frig. I had left it in the back of the frig and forgotten about it when I got sick with a cold. Then the other day I was making some soup, remembered the rice, and was going to add it. I wondered if it had gotten too old. They actually say rice is a very good breeder of bacteria.  Well, this is what I found!! YIKES!! I am thankful that I didn't eat it!
I am thankful for carnations and linen and candles! The combination of the three make me feel happy and serene. (plus I have a photo of my grandson who will be turning 1 on the last day of January.) I love linen tablecloths because they remind me of my childhood days. It brings back memories of the old days, and the special meals.

And here is what made me so happy and giggly:

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My grandson is just jiving !!
Last of all I am thankful for living near a little pond and fountain. I am thankful for the wild life that this attracts. This little couple was so cute---it is fun to relax at points in the day and enjoy!


Behold the duck.
It does not cluck.
A cluck it lacks.
It quacks.
It is specially fond
Of a puddle or pond.
When it dines or sups,
It bottoms ups.

Ogden Nash 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 2 4 giving thanks 3 at a time

I am thankful for my daughter's blog which keeps me up to date on the grandkids. The above picture is from her recent post found here:
They are celebrating the other grandma's birthday. On this post is a movie of Corwin, above playing the piano. It just had me giggling.

I also get some of their latest quotes such as:  "Corwin ran off into the misty dark.....He's in the bathroom." 

SSoooo, I am thankful for the blog, for my grandkids' funny comments, and the beauty of life!  Grand it is, and grand kids!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Giving thanks 3 or so at a time January 23, 2012

 I am thankful for a son that texts me about beautiful churches.

and about gluten free wafers! My son is in DC for the March for life thing.

 I hope someday, more lives will be saved. Mike Huckabee has a new DVD out on this (http://www.mikehuckabee.com/)
....I saw part of an interview last night that was devastating.But I am thankful that people are still fighting for the unborn.

 I am also thankful for a happy holiday to look forward to....no not Christmas (this is my rosemary for the kitchen), but Valentine's Day.


Lastly , I am thankful for a neighbor that brought me some homemade vegetable soup last night. This cold keeps hanging on!!! I also decided to try a crock pot recipe today--my neighbor inspired me to throw together a soup recipe I found online.

I am so thankful I don't have to go out to work. It would be hard when you don't have your full strength! Here's hoping this cold will go away. I am so thankful that it is not worse and that it is slowly getting better!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22 Thanks--3 every day











Today I give thanks for all the memories of my grandchildren-- Exuberant playtime, reading, eating, talking, singing, praying, running, dancing,make believing, climbing, swinging, play doughing, jumping, exercising, splashing, riding, swimming, chewing, botta binging, ding dong doing (it is secret stuff), hiding, building, ............you get the picture. Thankful for life with grands! and the memories being built!!!