Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan 18 Thankfulness and surprised


See this a above thingy??? I thought it was a paper weight --we got it while at the Presidential Debate on Monday night. As we left the debate we were handed bags with little Myrtle Beach gifts. This was one of them.
I overheard someone saying there was chocolate in the bag. I searched and searched on the drive home because I was starving. HOWEVER I did not find it. I decided to open this up, finally to see if it was a magnet. Low and behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was WHITE Chocolate!!! ha!! WHAT A DISGUISE!!! and a SURPRISE!
So I am thankful for this little treat.


Secondly I am thankful for this very RED cheerful apron. I got it a while back off of Ebay. I wanted a red apron for the winter. I love aprons and I love how little things can bring cheer to the day. Aprons always make me happy.


Lastly, I found I had a bunch of white candles. I love true candle light. I have some battery type candles, but they just don't give off the bright flame and warmth that a true candle does. It is fun at supper time when it is dark to have that nice cheerfulness!

These things are all small things--but I find it is often small things that bring me a lot of happiness. This poem says what I feel

The JOY of LITTLE THINGS by Robert Service

It's good the great green earth to roam,
Where sights of awe the soul inspire;
But oh, it's best, the coming home,
The crackle of one's own hearth-fire!
You've hob-nobbed with the solemn Past;
You've seen the pageantry of kings;
Yet oh, how sweet to gain at last
The peace and rest of Little Things!

Perhaps you're counted with the Great;
You strain and strive with mighty men;
Your hand is on the helm of State;
Colossus-like you stride . . . and then
There comes a pause, a shining hour,
A dog that leaps, a hand that clings:
O Titan, turn from pomp and power;
Give all your heart to Little Things.

Go couch you childwise in the grass,
Believing it's some jungle strange,
Where mighty monsters peer and pass,
Where beetles roam and spiders range.
'Mid gloom and gleam of leaf and blade,
What dragons rasp their painted wings!
O magic world of shine and shade!
O beauty land of Little Things!

I sometimes wonder, after all,
Amid this tangled web of fate,
If what is great may not be small,
And what is small may not be great.
So wondering I go my way,
Yet in my heart contentment sings . . .
O may I ever see, I pray,
God's grace and love in Little Things.

So give to me, I only beg,
A little roof to call my own,
A little cider in the keg,
A little meat upon the bone;
A little garden by the sea,
A little boat that dips and swings . . .
Take wealth, take fame, but leave to me,
O Lord of Life, just Little Things.

Robert William Service 

Ps. giving thanks for a 1,000 things is part of Ann V.'s blog --see the link on my sidebar called 1,000 gifts.


  1. That is very impressive chocolate! I thought it was a postcard! You look cute in your red apron. I agree that little things make a difference during the winter. I usually go for the $4 grocery store bouquets...they really help me!

  2. Chocolate and red, those things make me happy too! I love the Robert William Service poem, I think he had it right!
    Have a wonderful day! Cindy

  3. what a cunning way to disguise the chocolate, though probably all the more enjoyable once you figured it out. I'm with you with the candles, your table looks pretty.

  4. Absolutely adore the apron.. I have to go on Ebay and see if I can get some. I've been wanting some for quite a while but I could only find the half aprons. I need full ones like you have on because Im constantly spilling things on myself when I cook.. It looks great on you :)

  5. Sometimes it is the little things we should be most thankful for.
    Nice post,

  6. I love your red apron. So what did you think about the debate?

  7. RED TOILE...yes I'm screaming on the inside girl..Oh,,my favorite! I've been on the hunt for material like that for quite some time. Want my dining room chairs done in's very hard to find anything like that around here...weird! Like it's the most beautiful print around (other than red gingham of course,lol)!