Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 2 4 giving thanks 3 at a time

I am thankful for my daughter's blog which keeps me up to date on the grandkids. The above picture is from her recent post found here:
They are celebrating the other grandma's birthday. On this post is a movie of Corwin, above playing the piano. It just had me giggling.

I also get some of their latest quotes such as:  "Corwin ran off into the misty dark.....He's in the bathroom." 

SSoooo, I am thankful for the blog, for my grandkids' funny comments, and the beauty of life!  Grand it is, and grand kids!

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  1. What a cute boy Corwin is! My daughter-in-law kept a blog for a little while about our grandsons and then swithced to facebook as she felt it was more private. I lenjoyed the blog much more.