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Fun individual sized shepherd pie

 photo ca160ce1-210a-49fc-bea8-c03e99494153.jpg

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I made a vegan shepherd pie this week , but I placed these in the extra large muffin tins and made 6 individual ones. However my hubby and I eat two each ;-).  These were delicious and they scooped out very nicely.  I loved doing them in individual sized servings!! FUN.  Here is the link to the recipe :

These are especially nice in the cold weather we are having!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A tour of a Greek Orthodox Church

We went to a Greek festival the other week and got to tour the Greek Orthodox Church. This was so interesting. Here are a few photos.  photo IMG_8865.jpg The pictures were painted in Greece on canvas and then placed in the church.  photo IMG_8866.jpg Really was amazing all the stories these told.  photo IMG_8867.jpg and  photo IMG_8868.jpg ..............  photo IMG_8869.jpg .  photo IMG_8870.jpg ...  photo IMG_8871.jpg ....  photo IMG_8872.jpg ...  photo IMG_8873.jpg .... Beheading of John the Baptist photo IMG_8874.jpg ....  photo IMG_8875.jpg ...  photo IMG_8876.jpg