Monday, March 10, 2014

Mount Pleasant, SC near the old bridge

 photo IMG_7012.jpg the other weekend we had a relaxing time in the older section of Mount Pleasant, SC and enjoyed a nice evening sunset. Do you see the THREE PELICANS flying in the photo below:  photo IMG_7013.jpg There is a nice short board walk from which (not shown in the photo below) you can see the skyline of Charleston  photo IMG_7014.jpg so nice  photo IMG_7021.jpg the birds were enjoying things as well  photo IMG_7023.jpg you can see the Charleston bridge from here  photo IMG_7010-1.jpg and below is part of the view of Charleston's sky line  photo IMG_7009.jpg cargo ship  photo IMG_7008-1.jpg These are some of the nicest times---just an evening stroll  photo IMG_7022.jpg

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice in SC

 photo IMG_6943.jpg ICE AND ICE --that is what we got here in coastal SC. Lots of folks without power and lots and lots of limbs and trees all over the place.  photo IMG_6933.jpg The animals are taking it in stride. See the cardinal hiding below?  photo IMG_6918.jpgI am glad I didn't loose power, but some of my friends are still without!  photo IMG_6945.jpg A last look at the fox squirrel  photo IMG_6939.jpg

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Variegated Roses make me oh soooo happy

 photo IMG_6846.jpg As I have said before, I love variegated orange roses! My hubby bought some for me this past week and these were huge.  photo IMG_6836.jpg Below is what they looked like before they fully opened  photo IMG_6833.jpg I love how they change from day to day in their coloring!  photo IMG_6832.jpg  photo IMG_6843.jpg I know people get sick of seeing postings about flowers---but I am constantly amazed at their beauty and how they make be happy!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pooh has it right/ so does Piglet

Man, I certainly have had days like this, as Pooh is referring to these times.  This has been one of those weeks for our family.

My son was on tract to finish his masters degree by this August and because of increased National Guard drills due to a possible activation in a years time he has had to withdraw. He was just starting the student teaching phase and would not be able to get the amount of days needed for this because of the increase in the drill times. This has been a hard thing! All the dreams put on hold indefinitely and now what? He has a year before any possible activation.    Our plans are often not God's plans for us........but sometimes this leaves us in a quandary! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

The mallard killed by the hawk: not for the squeamish

 photo IMG_6820.jpg
 photo IMG_6812.jpg Yup , this was what happened at my place this weekend  photo IMG_6814.jpg But I guess he has to survive too, eh?The hawk looks so proud. It was hard to see him do this.  On a nicer note  --this is a very pretty song--it is used in a recent movie too.:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

a song for the start of the day

 Text attributed to St. Patrick

This day God gives me strength of high heaven
Sun and moon shining, flame in my heart
Flashing of lightning, wind in its swiftness
Deeps of the ocean, firmness of earth.
This day God sends me Strength as my steersman
Might to uphold me, Wisdom as guide.
Your eyes are watchful, Your ears are listening
Your lips are speaking, Friend at my side.
God’s way is my way, God’s shield is round me
God’s host defends me, saving from ill.
Angels of heaven drive from me always
All that would harm me, stand by me still.
Rising I thank You, Mighty and Strong One
King of Creation, Giver of Rest.
Firmly confessing Threeness of Persons
Oneness of Godhead, Trinity blest.

This also goes to the tune Mornng has broken