Friday, December 13, 2013

Elf-y's Newest adventures for the week

 photo IMG_6286.jpg Well here is what Elf-y has been up to this week:  photo IMG_6296.jpg Now He was not really, bad, you know? He just wanted to paper my hubby's little bathroom where he takes his morning shower. However  photo IMG_6298.jpg since this was a first time he got entangled in his own web---but at least at a nice resting place.  photo IMG_6299.jpg He is quite cheerful in spite of everything.  photo IMG_6301.jpg He did have some flight of fancy. After this episode he hid for a while in Nannykim's special cozy spot:  photo IMG_6304.jpg and Nannykim almost missed him!  photo IMG_6305.jpg He did take a short break with his fellow elves under the tree and they had some good chats:  photo IMG_6306.jpg  photo IMG_6307.jpg but then he needed to be back in action. He decided to dress up a bit and do some mirror decoration:  photo IMG_6322.jpg But as we all know there are some necessities of life:  photo IMG_6325.jpg ahhh, yes  photo IMG_6327.jpg and last but not least he had to help with a Christmas puzzle---Nannykim does need some help with this one!!  photo IMG_6356.jpg so all in all it was a busy week with bits of adventure for Elf-y  photo IMG_6357.jpg It is the small things in life that bring smiles; and Elf-y has made my hubby and I smile each morning!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elfy was freed!!! AT LAST

 photo IMG_6257.jpg Elf-y had been locked up hidden in the oatmeal box for DAYS!!! My hubby had not eaten oatmeal in the warm weather and then he had been traveling. FINALLY on Saturday after watching an old Columbo movie MY HUBBY could no longer take the fact that ELF-Y was MISSING; He searched High and Low in every room (driving me a bit nuts). Then he realized Elf-y must be IN something. After a bit, he found him (see my post below) Now Elf-y is celebrating being back out and about!  photo IMG_6265.jpg Yes, we do have a winter puzzle we are working on in the background.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Why elf-y remains in the dark

 photo IMG_6196.jpg My POOR elf-y has been sitting in the dark for days now, just waiting for my hubby to find him

 photo IMG_6195.jpg SHHHH, don't tell my hubby where he is!

 photo IMG_6194.jpg The Quaker Guy is smiling , knowingly, don't you think? He knows our secret well!  The weather here has been hot (mid to upper 70's ), plus my hubby has been the oatmeal and ELF-Y WAITS!!

Here is some Christmas music for you:

but this one below is more fun:

Monday, December 2, 2013

elf is having fun/ here are some places he has been this week

 photo IMG_6137.jpg ..My husband and I have been having fun hiding elf-y in various places photo IMG_6139.jpg .We .each take some turns--I hide it at night and he hides it in the morning  photo IMG_6140.jpg .. .So these are a few of the shots I remembered to get! above elf-y spent the night in the FRIG!  photo IMG_6142.jpg. .He is ready to do the job  photo IMG_6143.jpg .and he didn't forget to smell the roses photo IMG_6153.jpg and .He is ready to light the fire--we have had some chilly mornings photo IMG_6155.jpg. .and tea or coffee is always nice photo IMG_6166.jpg Along with a read from I Corinthians 13 on love.  However right now he is hiding in a place where my hubby has not yet found him. So......he may be in the dark for a while!