Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan 19 giving thanks and looking forward to Vanlentine's Day


It is getting near Valentines Day, right? Well, I found these cute earrings on ebay. Below is a closer shot. Most of them are only 99 CENTS!!  And they are hypoallergenic !! So do have fun and get you a pair --there are different ones with hearts.

Here is the link to her store!  Actually she may be sold out of them by the time you check as I bought some for gifts. But there may be other ebay goodies elsewhere.

I am thankful for Ebay--and Valentines Day--something to look forward in the middle of winter. My husband bought me a little gift (sooner --rather than later! in anticipation).


This is to set your wine bottle in so you don't leave stains everywhere. However you could use it for other beverages as well, if the bottle will fit!

Last of all I am thankful for Romance.  I like the fact that Romance has lasted in our marriage even though we have had some very rough times. There is something beautiful about romance and I for one embrace it, lol!

Dreams and imaginations foster romantic mood
Influenced and inspired by beauty of Nature.
Emotion and sentiments occupy romantic life;
Adventure and exploration mark romantic venture;
Rapture and rupture are part of romantic life.
Romance is the essence of love life in the world;
Interest and thrill of romance will never die here;
Otherwise life is monotonous and boring dead weight!

Ramesh T A 


  1. What perfect earrings for Valentine's!!!! And wine coasters are the best and how sweet of your husband!

  2. Very nice and the earrings are perfect!

  3. Hi Kim,
    You walk with your hubby sounded nice. I am the hopeless romantic. Hubby is the analytical absent minded professor type, hehe. Yet...on Valentine's Day we are going to one of my favorite tea rooms where a fantastic gentlemen plays accostic guitar. He made the reservations yesterday. I am so excited. I also believe that the tough times (we have had them too of course) make the romance sweeter and stronger as a result. One grows together or walks away when it is really tough. If you stay, it is going to be sweeter and more precious. What do you think? Yay for romance and candles!

  4. Love the wine holder and the snowflake apron and the earrings. I am a snowflake girl in my Yankee heart. Poor snowflakes don't stand a chance in FL. My what a sweet man you have! Blessings.

  5. Just caught up here...
    you post a lot more frequently than you use I forget to look.
    I love the earrings and wine holder and the 'romance' (o:
    The apron is delightful and i LOVE your little nook area. I love to make places that bring me joy!!!

  6. I have given up twice now on wearing earrings - they just itch too much and cause bumps in my earlobes. I enjoy the variety of having earrings to dress things up, but probably won't try again.

    You may have read my posts in years past about my town and Valentine's Day - we're the Valentine Capital of the World, in case you haven't, so it's a huge deal around here.

  7. Dear Nannykim....Darling earrings. You are so cute! Love your attitude of gratitude. It makes SUCH a difference. And yeah, romance is wonderful. Susan

  8. The earrings are very pretty, and so are you wearing them.
    Oh, and I do love your header photo.