Saturday, October 31, 2009

My poor hubby

The moon is really cool tonight. And it is a humid and kind of lovely evening. But my hubby has a big chore.

My poor hubby is standing outside giving treats to the 200-300 kids we get each year!! He gave up sitting inside!! But it is a balmy night in the 70's!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Faith dancing with her dad

A joyous celebration this weekend. Faith and her Dad dancing on the riverfront. A very joyous celebration!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cleaning on the fly!

A fellow blogger told me about NOW it is NOT .com, but .net!! It is here: . Any how this little site has helped me a lot this week. I signed up on facebook and to get emails. Some ways she has helped me: She has this thing where you spend 15 minutes cleaning the kitchen, then you stop and go clean the bathroom for 15 minutes, then 15 in another room then a 15 minute break. What I like about this idea is that I would have lots to do for the day ,and I would think...well, I can spend 15 minutes here. And I was really excited to see how much even 5 concentrated minutes could do. When you do this everyday lots gets done. Each month she apparently focuses on something--like this month it was on decluttering paper junk. Then she will have some quickies---like on Fridays you spend 5 minutes cleaning the inside of your car---ie quick wipe down---throw out junk that has accumulated and straighten what is left. She also had a 5 minute thing where any clothes lying around the house get put away. So I have learned it is fun even to spend 5 minutes on something---I straightened my deep freeze in about 5 minutes---now it is organized. .....same with the frig. So I recommend the

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

procrastinator party

The inspired room is having a procrastinator party today. I happened to run across two bloggers (one was Nancy from Southern Blessings) who were doing this today and I thought I could escape because it was so late in the day. But the challenge was just to0 much. The thing I procrastinate on the most is cleaning cupboards and closets. So I decided to do one. This is a cupboard (with 2 doors) and it was in a 1/2 bathroom. It was stuffed with sheets, tablecloths, place mats, doilies etc. Just a big mess.

It even had some old tapes in it (which I threw out---to my kids--don't worry it was not the old Christmas music).
I decided (below) to bag some items. I bagged the doilies, an extra long fitted twin sheet (college!), and some round tablecloths.


This was such blue work I put on Lady Sings the Blues and got myself some coffee with hersheys chocolate syrup and served it in my new winter cup.

I tied some stuff up too!

The completion is below. I organized the Large tablecloths on top and the smaller ones on the bottom.


On the other side I organized the round tablecloths, and pillow cases on the top, and the place mats on the bottom. Any clothes and other stuff I put where they belong!

I feel much better and now I have room if I need to add!! So thanks gang, for the inspiration to do this!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gram and gramps 60 th anniversary

This week my in-laws celebrated their 60th anniversary. They are both in wheelchairs, but Grandpa stood up to do the kissing ;-) Below is a picture taken 60 years ago. Grandpa said the bridal gown had so many buttons that it made him very frustrated later in the evening ;-)

Below is a close up--I love this.

Here Grandma (below) is enjoying pictures of David's family.

Bob opened the non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice from Susan--we all enjoyed this and especially Grandma--I had to keep refilling hers!!

A toast to the couple. This room was a conference room in the nursing home where Grandma resides.

She enjoyed everything and later went hands-on with the cake.

Grandpa told everyone many stories---especially about time they had gotten stranded!! That should have been the name for this couple--the stranded ones!! They were stranded in various places through-out the USA.....possibly because of the old cars and put together trailers they had.

Below is a video of one of their conversations:

All in all a good tiime.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The engagement ring


Lori at Family Trees May Contain Nuts is giving a writer's challenge.....I am not a writer!!! But she challenged us to tell about one of the nicest things someone has done for us. She should have called this a story challenge so those of us who can not write would feel a bit better!!!

This is a blurry picture but you get the idea. One of the nicest things that someone did for me concerns my engagement ring. When my hubby and I were dating we were very, very, very ,very (you get it!) poor. He had decided to ask for my hand in marriage, but he could not afford a ring. His sister had this ring pictured above, and it was a very special ring. During the Great Depression my hubby's grandfather had worked for different people in the Hollywood area. He would do carpentry and mason type work. At one time he did work for this one movie star (sorry, I forget the name) and this person paid him with diamonds since money was just not available! These diamonds were later used for various things, including a ring for my hubby's mom.

The ring pictured above was also made at some time with some of these diamonds ,and my hubby's grandmother gave it to my husband's sister. The wonderful thing was that my sister-in-law was willing to give this ring to my husband so he could have an engagement ring. A ring with so much history, yet she freely gave it to him so we could be engaged!! Great sis in law, eh?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A cool God wink

I am sharing this for Spiritual Sunday.

This may seem trite--but it is the little things God does that make me see how intimate He can be. I had a tiny old pocketbook that I loved because it just fit my phone and my credit cards/money. I realized this week it was just too worn and shabby to be wearing around. Sooo I looked in the stores and on Ebay , but I couldn't find the kind I wanted. I saw some that I could make do with on Ebay. BUT I knew there was going to be a big yard sale for CAP (churches assisting people---they help out people by giving food, paying utility bills etc). So I thought I will wait and see if they have anything! I doubted it....but I was trying to save and find the right one.
I saw some napkins and as I was about to pay for those , my foot hit a box. I looked down and there were some assorted backpacks. I thought---"well, let me see what is in this box" .....AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT!! There was an all leather pocketbook that was an exact replica of the design of mine only better qualtiy (mine was fake leather) and it looks like it hasn't been used. I WAS ABOUT SPEECHLESS.....I just couldn't believe it and it was only fifty cents!!! YIKERS is God amazing or what!