Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Chosen

This is the picture by Bill Stephens I have bought for Dad for Father's day--I think it says soooo much.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Living love

Well--haven't taken the time to write --so making some time now. Learning to love and learning how to love is verrrrrrryyyyy difficult. Christ was sinless--he didn't have to say He was sorry!!! He knew if He offended someone it was not because of His sin. We on the other hand may offend and do offend when we sin and even when we don't. So how do we know--we don't always---so it makes it difficult sometimes to determine!! Plus love is difficult because sometimes love requires rebuke, discipline, chastisement. God shows his love by doing this---we are supposed to exhort and rebuke too if we love someone. That is difficult since we are sinners and the whole log in the eye story makes it hard to know what we are about!!!

I have seen the vast importance of the two greatest commandments---loving God and loving man---but boy it sure is a life long process and we sure need His grace and mercy every day for determining how this plays out and what it means. .....knowing when to speak and when not to etc!!!