Monday, March 10, 2014

Mount Pleasant, SC near the old bridge

 photo IMG_7012.jpg the other weekend we had a relaxing time in the older section of Mount Pleasant, SC and enjoyed a nice evening sunset. Do you see the THREE PELICANS flying in the photo below:  photo IMG_7013.jpg There is a nice short board walk from which (not shown in the photo below) you can see the skyline of Charleston  photo IMG_7014.jpg so nice  photo IMG_7021.jpg the birds were enjoying things as well  photo IMG_7023.jpg you can see the Charleston bridge from here  photo IMG_7010-1.jpg and below is part of the view of Charleston's sky line  photo IMG_7009.jpg cargo ship  photo IMG_7008-1.jpg These are some of the nicest times---just an evening stroll  photo IMG_7022.jpg