Monday, November 8, 2010


A quote from St. Francis de Sales:

"Considered in themselves, trials certainly cannot be loved, but looked at in their origin--that is, in God's Providence and ordaining will--they are worthy of unlimited love.......Tribulations considered in themselves are dreadful things; looked at in God's will , they are things of love and delight. Often have we felt disgust for remedies and medicines when a doctor or apothecary gives them to us, but when offered to us by some loved hand love conquers our loathing and we take them with joy. In fact, love either removes the harsh character of suffering or makes pleasant our experience of it."

"........Afflictions are like that. If we look at them apart from God's will, they are naturally bitter. If we consider them in that eternal good pleasure, we find them all gold and more lovely and precious than can be described."

Well, this is something to think is easier when I look back on a trial than when I am in one, however!


  1. I agree -- in the midst of it it's hard to be thankful, but God's grace and love do ease the trouble.

  2. Your is worth thinking and pondering...but I am not sure I can voice it
    they will come...
    we just need to be ready

  3. I'm so glad you stopped by. I wanted you to know that I will be featuring some vegetarian dishes over the next few weeks. I think you'll enjoy them. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  4. The children on your header photo look so sweet.

    Tribulations are hard during the time you are going through. Prayerfully you have many people to help you walk when your legs refuse to walk a step.

    I know, because I went through the hardest time a mum can go through. I am writing the journey I went though twenty one years ago. My baby died.

    Thank you for writing on this topic.

  5. This was an awesome post and a message that I NEEDED.