Wednesday, July 8, 2009

When facing hard situations

Helpful advice that I jotted down and now I can't remember from whom---either Paul Tripp or Paul Miller

when going through hard times remember:

1. I am betrothed to Christ
2. He is preparing me for a wedding
3. I need faithfulness to Christ
4. Don't be short-sighted or self-absorbed
5. God's goal is not necessarily to change the situation , but to change me. Ask:
What do I need to learn?
What is my spiritual myopia?
What do I need to change?


  1. morning NannyKim,

    that is some good advice thanks

    and thanks for stopping by

    take care

  2. That is so true! Trials are often meant to change us and bring us closer to Him.

  3. what wonderful advice...
    I will jot it down for my own needs...