Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7: giving thanks

 Today we are to give thanks for 3 graces of people we love in our lives.  I give thanks for my Husband who has been very patient with me this year as I have been exploring a deeper faith.
I give thanks for my sons, and in particular my oldest one , for the grace of debate--I find tossing ideas around to be very helpful in my learning.
And last of all , I am thankful for my 3 grand children and all the vigor of life they express, the wonder of all that is around us, and the fun part of their expressions of love and of thought. People are one of the greatest blessings and such a means of grace in our lives.

linking to:  Ps. just have to say, my two sons were trying to give me a weird look in the middle picture I posted--not sure if they brought it off! ha!


  1. Oh, yes, our loved ones are definitely worthy of all our thanks. They bring such depth and meaning to our lives.

    Thanks so much for your visit and comment to my blog today! Nice to have you stop by. Sincerely, Susan

  2. You have a beautiful family . Families are a blessing & something we can thank God for every day . :)

  3. Beautiful photos of your family! I hope that your 2012 is off to a great start! Happy Saturday!...hugs...Debbie

  4. You have a beautiful much to be thankful for!!! Thank you for commenting on my remodel. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Wonderful! You do have many blessing to be thankful for. I hope you have a wonderful and happy new year.

    I'd like to know more about that "How to dress for the older woman." If you can tell me the link I'd be very glad. Thank you for your nice comments on my post. Kathi

  6. What a beautiful family you have. May the New Year be filled with blessings.

  7. Thank you Kim, for the links to the fashion for older women. I look forward to watching some. Kathi