Sunday, November 29, 2009

You never know

You just never know what you may see in the Seattle area. We just got back to SC. But these jouster type people were at a gaswork type park in Seattle. Apparently they often come here to joust!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evening walk is beautiful

Last night we took an evening walk. It was a nice 60's temperature and it was quite pretty!

This is the river walk in our town

Notice the azalias are a kind that bloom again in the FallPosted by Picasa

This is a cool bridge--you get better pics in the day when the lights are not on--it has a cathedral like effect


On the top of the bridge the Christmas lights are on!

The above home is a Bed and Breakfast at the Marina. There is something peaceful about walking in the evening!

I give thanks for the Beauty of all seasons and times.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

thanks more

I am sharing this for Spiritual Sunday . You can click on the link to see what others have shared today.

I am thankful for how the Lord has helped my youngest son. I have written about this on my cottage blog. He didn't graduate from college this past spring because of one required course which he could not pass. He flunked it 3 times (with low 20's). We felt he ,therefore, would not graduate after putting so much time and effort into his college years! It was a very low point for us all! God used it immensely in my son's life to teach him humility, courage, dependency on God and so many other things.

His commander in ROTC told him he needed to make another try. We were against this---it didn't seem to make sence. However since ROTC had paid for much of his schooling ,we needed to follow his commander's advice. The college required him to take this course at their school. So since August he has been commuting 5 hours round trip, 3 times a week. (During the summer we sent him to spend a month with his older brother who works for Microsoft--this made sence since the course he was flunking was a difficult computer course ---his brother tutored him in the off hours. Since his brother is 3,000 miles away he has continued to help him online). We have been so blessed by all of this. He is averaging an A!!! We are all in shock.....but Lord willing, he will get his degree in December and his Second Lieutenant (gold bars).

It is amazing the kinds of lessons we as parents learn from our children. My youngest son has had difficulty all through his school years, but he has always pressed on and worked so diligently and has accomplished so many things that we really thought were impossible. I am thankful for the ways God has always opened doors for him and lead him step by step. All of this has tought me and continued to teach me much. I give thanks for God's patience and direction, His strength, and his provision with us all.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wondering about Christmas ideas and free trees


This is a pic of my tree last year. But this year I hope to do it in red and white. (my hubby is at a local football game with his Dad and my son. I am watching a Clemson game on tv and doing some blogging--it is a gray windy day so I am glad I chose to remain here!!).

Anyways I would like to have a tree in both of my living rooms. But I only have one fake tree. I wish I had snuck (is that a word? ) another fake tree in my closet this year....but my hubby doesn't want all the clutter. I wish there was a free way to have a second tree--I keep thinking , thinking. When we lived up North I could go to the woods and find and cut one for free (in VT). But here there are just not Christmas trees in the wild. I live near the coast and swamps. I have thought of getting bare branches and painting them white and doing a weird thingy. Does anyone have any free ideas for making a tree. (now not many read this blog here of mine so I am not expecting a response!! Perhaps I will have to go ask at other blogs!!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful again

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It is Spiritual Sunday here . Click on the "here" to see what others have shared.

I have been so full of thankfulness lately. I am especially thankful for the eagerness to better know the Lord that has been exhibited by my two sons and daughter . I am so thankful for their love for the Lord and for their desire to study his Word and to engage in this study with fellow believers. It is great to see them excited about God, His Word, and what God is doing in their own lives. This has been so refreshing! It is a blessing because they are in the twenty and early thirty bracket where so many are not attending church etc. I am thankful for the ways God has chosen to work in each of their lives to bring them to this point.

I am so thankful for God's grace, mercy and forgiveness. I am thankful for his intimacy and His presence. I am also thankful for those times where, during the day, I can just stop, slow down a moment and enjoy His good gifts of family, nature, and beauty. His ways are sometimes not what I have expected, but there is always good that he blesses me with in the different situations if I just listen and look for Him.

Thankful again

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finally the mixed nuts have arrived in town!!

Yes , I am being literal here!! I have been waiting and waiting for the nuts!! They finally are here!! I like these for a snack--just a few a day!! I think I will share this for show and tell at . This nut holder above is made out of aluminum. It has a pretty design when empty...but I am one that like it full! ha!! I found this at an antique shop in the Mountains of NC. I love how it has a place to hold the picks and a nutcracker.....but of course we need more than one cracker!