Friday, January 27, 2012

Janome love and 3 more things to give thanks for on January 27


Does not this little Janome aqua sewing machine make you smile? IT always makes me happy. It is a Hello Kitty one--but I didn't show that part in the picture.The sewing I did in my new desk area on the porch--oh , how I am loving this area!
I had some little fabric pieces from Walmart . I decided to make a few pillows to give some happy touches of red (since winter is often a gray time---however also often sunny here in SC!)
So I am thankful for happy sewing machines, and happy fabric, and for old pillows from which I steal stuffing!
I am thankful for other bloggers who encourage us to memorize Scripture--I shall try...a bit at a time.
I am thankful that I finally remembered how to take some close up pictures with my camera! And I am thankful for finding the camera manual---perhaps some tips shall help me!
I wanted to make some little wreaths--I found some wire and I had some pecan shells---used my glue gun and presto--I like them....I was inspired by the picture I found the other day--here it is below

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

So today I give thanks for being able to be a little bit creative--for all the inspiration there is out there in blogworld, including spiritual and fun stuff, and creative stuff.....etc!! Thankful---yes!


  1. I'm loving these little 'thankful' posts.
    One of the things I am striving for here is "Contentment" attitude of Thankfulness nurtures contentment.
    I find your list encouraging!
    Carry on, Pat

  2. Cool little sewing machine....
    I use to sew...when I was in my 20s... don't really care to fight with the tension and notes I use ti have (o:
    I never needed to sew because my ML did and brought her machine when she came (o:
    I do love those colorful pillows....and little wreath!

  3. I love that your sewing machine is a "Hello Kitty" style, Nanny Kim! That would make me feel happy every time I saw it. The pillows you made are very pretty and so are the little pecan wreaths. There are so many good ideas on Pinterest -- that web site also makes me happy as it's so much fun to browse!

    Have a good weekend full of many thankful moments!

  4. That is the cutest sewing machine!!!

    There are so many good ideas on pinterest you could do something new every day!