Monday, September 15, 2008

Interesting Arguments about evil

I was reading a little of "Stand to Reason"--the newsletter. I like these thoughts about what Evil teaches us:

"The problem of evil is only a problem if evil is real. To say something is evil, though , is to make a moral judgment. Moral judgments require a moral standard--a moral law---and a moral law requires an author. If the standard is transcendent, then the law-giver must be, too."

"It would be self-defeating to acknowledge shadows, but deny light because light makes shadows possible in the first place. In the same way, it is self-defeating to complain that transcendent moral laws have been broken, yet deny that a transcendent moral law-giver (God) exixts."

"In a world bereft of God, there are many ways to characterize Hitchens's 'barbarism, misery, ignorance, slavery and early death'; sad, painful, unpleasant, even ghastly. Yet if God doesn't exist, the one thing we can never do is call such human destruction tragic, or wanton abuse wicked. If God doesn't exist to ground morality, the carnage ceases to be tragic at all, if by that word we mean a genuine breach of goodness."


  1. Good post. I think one of our problems today is too many people think there is no right or wrong. We need to acknowledge that there is wrong and there is a lot of evil in our world.

  2. What a good post. There is a lot of thinking to be done here. I think a persons motive needs to be in check. GOOD ? BAD ? WHY ? Also people need to be held accountable for their doings.

  3. Good post. Thanks for sharing those thoughts.

  4. deep thinking youre doing over there:)
    sounds like a good read!

  5. Hi Nannykim, That 's for your comment on my blog. I like the music you have on your site.