Friday, January 6, 2012

Giving Thanks challenge Jan 6

 Today, January 6  Ann Voscamp's joy dare asks us to count the gifts in your bag, fridge and in your heart. The above notebook I  use to journal in....I have found these in Walmart and they are about 6 by 9 --they have a magnetic clasp which is nice and a ribbon to mark your place. These have been an aid in study, prayer and confession---a place to put ideas and poems too. I have found them very helpful in my walk with the Lord.
 In my frig-is this goat cheese with chives which really adds flavor to many dishes , but is great on rice crackers--I love thinking about all that would go into making this.
    As far as what is in my heart......I would say I am thankful for thankfulness and mercy. Mercy from God that enables great thanksgiving. I am so thankful for the richness of the Christian faith. 

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  1. Oh I like that little notebook. I too never leave home without a notebook, but mine are the steno notebooks that I can flip open. In fact, one of my "decisions" for 2012 is going thru all my notes and recopying what is of value to one notebook. I jot down shopping lists, things I want to tell hubby if I am in the car alone, recipes etc etc along with the really important items to me, what the Lord is speaking to my heart, quotes, book titles and other info I really need to keep. That little journal would also be lovely as it probably would fit in my purse for a back up. Blessings.