Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interesting take on dressing

I found the history behind her life interesting. Her attitude on dressing is interesting too and at the end she sums it up. It ,perhaps, will give me a little more motive to pay attention to dress, although, not in a slavish spending way...but to see it in the way that God has made me and I am to take care of myself and not be slovenly! (And by the way, I like being sloppy!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hallelujah what A saviour

Praising God for this season of the year when we remember the fullness of what Christ has done.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The ways of photos

I love this pic of my grandson visiting his other grandparents . He is checking out the chicken coup! It is cool how just a photo of a loved one can cheer one's heart. They found this to be true for people---something about photo's of loved ones triggers a happy response in our hearts.

I had to say GOODBYE TO BOOTS BELOW---he was 16, but his kidneys were giving out.


He was a real pal! God gives us little gifts like this for periods of time in our lives. I feel this pet really ministered to me in many ways. He came when we moved into our Spindle Cottage and now has left us after we have moved to a Condo. Blessings come in all kinds of packages!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

bone fusion--off of my feet!

I have been off my feet with the bone fusion surgery I just had. I have found the old classic comedy movies to be a nice way to spend the time when one is in pain! Today is the first day i haven't had to use pain medication every 3 hours.

I will have to report back on how this surgery has worked when the results come in! They took out the big joint in the toe near the bunion area and fused the two bones together. I shouldn't notice much change, except there should be no pain in my foot once it has healed. I had little movement of the joint since there was bone on bone anyways. This way it is just hitched together as one! I won't be able to wear heals, but I hadn't been able to anyways!

If any of you have had this done, I will be interested in hearing how long it took you to heal!