Monday, October 20, 2008


I love the way the lace curtains make a pretty shadow on the wall---things like this warm my heart!

I have been reading a book called, "When Sinners Say 'I Do' by Dave Harvey. It is such a helpful book. Yesterday , in particular , some of the words spoke right to my heart.
He spoke about how the heat of circumstances often cause things to spill out. He gave an example of his lawn mower and how the oil cap was not on tightly and when the engine heated up the oil flew out. He says, "The heat (the circumstances) did not fill the engine with oil, it simply revealed what was in the engine."
We think that something our spouse does or says causes us to get angry or whatever. He says: "No, it's simply showing you the impatience that was already in the engine of your heart. The heat just stirred it up and made it obvious"
"Have you ever considered why there are no accounts of Jesus slamming a door in angry frustration or inflicting the 'silent treatment' on someone who hurt him? Why didn't Jesus get irritated or bitter or hostile? The simple but astounding answer is that when his engine was heated by circumstances , what was in his heart came out: love, mercy, compassion, kindness. Christ didn't respond sinfully to the circumstances in his life--even an undeserved, humiliating, torturous death---because the engine of his heart was pure. What was in his heart spilled over. It was love!"
"Your spouse was a strategic choice made by a wise and loving God. Selected by him, for you from the beginning of the world, your spouse is an essential part of God's rescue mission for your life. Often a spouse plays his or her part by raising the engine temperature and heating the oil. But if we're wisely honest we will realize that God is behind it all, revealing the familiar sin so that is might be overcome by amazing grace."
I love those thoughts. He says we are always to look at our own hearts and deal with what is in them---the cause of our conflicts are as James says---"But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death." We tend to blame our spouse for making us angry, or impatient, etc---but it comes from our own desires. Jesus was perfect--he had all kinds of people and situations, but he always responded out of good desires.
Something for me to think on
The paragraph stuff is not working this morning--when that happens I resort to colors!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Amazing God of Providence

I like the words to this song---the music may be a bit wild for some but sometimes you want to just shout your praises to the greatness of our God. Here are the words--I think they are awesome:

Be my light in this darkened room
I'm on my face and I'm calling you
I can't fathom all you've done for me
Every time it finds me on my knees
Like sunlight in the winter cold

Everything about you, it takes my breath Away...
I tried this once without you and it was my
Great mistake...Hallelujah

Questions fade when you invade
You chase all my fears away
With your love in my atmosphere
All confusion disappears
And nothing but your truth remains
Questions fade, you remain

You are color on a page of white,
Like eyes beneath black lights
Like a glowing city on the plains, you call
My name



Also there is this true story one of my Sons found in a history book---IT IS STRANGER THAN FICTION---God's Providence is sometimes pretty amazing!

In 1829, a ship called The Mermaid was four days away from her destination of Sidney, Australia, when a massive storm struck and drove the ship into a reef. All twenty-two people on board survived and were able to swim to safety.
Three days later, the Swiftsure rescued them.
Five days later, the Swiftsure sank.
Victims from both ships were rescued by the schooner Governor Ready.
Three hours later, the Governor Ready caught fire.
The Comet pulled everyone from lifeboats and brought them aboard.
Five days later, the Comet sank. (The crew went for help in the longboat, leaving the passengers floating in the water.)
Eighteen hours later, the mail boat Jupiter pulled everyone out of the ocean.
In under twelve hours, the Jupiter sank.
Everyone was rescued by the passenger vessel The City of Leeds.
Four days later, The City of Leeds docked in Sidney, Australia.
The amazing thing is: no one died

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This is total relaxation---it is Fall and with it come some rainy days. There is nothing better than being cozy with the kitty and reading a mystery novel (an old one from the 50's)!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I love Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (along with the other 3 ;-) ). One of the best things is to get away on a weekend retreat with the family. We love the mountain/wood area of Saluda , NC. There is a neat campground called Orchard Lake Campground that has tiny A-frames , camping, and lots of things to do for family. We have gone here for about 19 years as a family! We spent last weekend there. The only problem this year is the gas shortage caused by the hurricane in the gulf. We searched for 30 minutes and managed to find one open gas station that still had gas---all the others were out!

I love hiking in the woods and this was just a wonderful little place with water, rocks, and green!

This was my grandson's first mountain experience. My daughter was making sure he was warm ;-).

There is something so special about the lush green colors of fall after a rain storm, the feeling that stone bridges, and running water gives to me!!! I feel like I am in a story book or a new world .

The smells, the sounds, the colors, the life, the richness feeds my being!

One happy person!
Our Grand daughter enjoyed sliding on the rock.

And catching the drops dripping off this leaf laden ledge!

My hubby found a great comfortable pair of hiking shoes at a local shop----guess what I want for Christmas???

This trail had so many neat little areas.

Back at the campground we enjoyed the lakes, the boats, the ducks, the outdoors!!

I love the colors of fall and all of the growing things!

And of course a campfire with somores!!

And a touch of soccer!!
All in all a refreshing weekend.