Monday, February 11, 2008

Saturday fun

This weekend my daughter and family arrived. It was a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the 60's and sunny sunshine ;-) . My granddaughter loved washing rocks in the fountain and then dropping them in---she did this at every opportunity. We went on a walk to the park by the river and she had a ball!
After much play we took a scenic stroll on the riverwalk.

The Panies were so pretty!

Of course there was more rock dropping , but this time sweetgum balls (from the trees) were used!

Then we had lunch on the river--we ate outside at the Sidewheeler Restaurant. I love their sweetpotato chips! This is my daughter --you can't tell she is pregnant , can you!

Here is a view from the restauant--so relaxing and they have water that drips off the roof to create a nice sound.

Here my granddaughter is having her first try at lemons--this was quite funny as you see in the next two pics.

For dessert we stopped at the coffee bar and ordered some great shakes--I prefer the mocha shakes---espresso, icecream, chocolate, whip cream and chocolate syrup!

On the way back home ---the result was one tired, but happy camper .


  1. What a wonderful family. No wonder you enjoy showing them off. I would too! I thoroughly enjoy your granddaughter's little personality.

    Thinking of you and smiling this morning.

  2. Oh, Nannykim, what a gorgeous picture story of your pleasant afternoon! I'm so jealous of the sunshine and warmth you have!

    Your granddaughter is precious, and may God bless your daughter in her pregnancy.

    Is that a statue of St. Francis in the first photo? I've been looking for one for my flower garden, but haven't found the right one yet.

    Have a great day!

  3. I don't know which I like better; the chocolate pics, or the lemon ones! I miss the riverwalk!

  4. Oh lovely pictures! Your granddaughter really is so cute, the lemon pictures were a hoot! Lovely.

  5. She's gorgeous! What a lucky Nanny are you!!

  6. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with your family. I do love that last picture. Too cute! No you cannot tell your daughter is pregnant. How far is she? She looks very thin :)

  7. Your granddaughter is so cute, Kim, and your daughter looks just like you.

    Looks like a nice time was had by all.

  8. Oh my Nanny Kim, you are blessed! i love the little Punkin' all tuckered out with syrup all over the front of her! Very sweet! Jennifer

  9. Oh, that looks like such a great way to spend a Saturday! What a gorgeous place to eat lunch. I love her sweet face, you have the cutest grandaughter! Love her messy shirt and simply wiped out look about her......too precious!

    Hugs, Sharon

  10. Looks like a beautiful day. What a lovely family you have.

    I'd love to try the sweet potato chips. Yummy.

  11. What an absolutely adorable post! Too cute! Thanks for sharing.
    ~Angela :-)

  12. such a fun day with the family,
    thanks for sharing with us...
    I can tell you are so excited that another little one is on the way...
    when is it due? August or Sept?

  13. Nanny,
    It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  14. Thanks for coming to visit the teeny tiny twins! Looks like a great time with your little granddaughter - what sweet rosy cheeks she has. I love the last picture - chocolate all over her shirt! That'll take some Shouting out, won't it??

    So another is on the way?? YAY!

  15. What darling pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  16. i had to stop by and leave a comment on this post.
    too cute!
    the last picture says it all...i love it!
    i have 4 girls (the youngest is now 4) and can relate very well to the end picture...what a treasure