Saturday, February 16, 2008

30 days; day 1

ok--so I am going to try to do 30 days--a slice of my life photo with a tad journal. Rebekka at has been doing this and I found it fun and interesting. So this is Day one--Sat; Feb 16, 08. My Daughter's family came so we could have a partial family reunion at the beach. But first we had a little fun. Cat steppin~~ First time dish washing
Looking pretty to play at the park~~

Playing with Daddy in the park~~

Waking up from nap~~we didn't know; but she was running a fever---we are hoping it was due to teething!! The flushing may be a bit of sunburn???

Meeting my Husband's brother's new son. This baby on the left is the cousin of my daughter--so a cousin once removed to my granddaughter???

My sister-in-law and baby! Sister-in-law is from Italy!

Great Grandpa to my granddaughter, but Grandpa to this baby!

Getting up close!

Running quickly out to the beach--the wind was ferocious!! Awesome sky!

My granddaughter was not feeling tooo cooool at this point--when we got home she had a temp of 101.8 and they had to take a 3 hour drive home--hope it is just teething!
Day is done---nice to see everyone----and tiredness has set in!


  1. What a fun idea! The pictures you shared are great, babies are so much fun!

  2. Best wishes with the 30 day project. I'll check in every day and support you as you have supported me!! (BTW - the cream cheese frosting is pretty good by itself :-) What adorable babies and that last beach picture makes me miss Florida right about now!!!!

  3. That is so neat! I just love being a grandma!

  4. That is so nice. I think if I tried to do the 30 day thing, I would lose steam. You are off to a great start, though. Jennifer

  5. What wonderful memories. And that sky is incredible. I am excited for grandchildren. :)

  6. Beautiful family pictures,,,,Beautiful beach pictures
    :-) Rosie

  7. Great fun and what a sweet family.

  8. What a fun idea & a great post. The pictures of the lil g'daughter are all so cute. Lucky you to have a day to spend with family from near & far!
    Hugs, DebraK

  9. Fun to see these photos! I love the seaside ones.....since I don't live anywhere near an ocean. How far away from the ocean do you live? I'm envious!

  10. You have such a wonderful family. I so enjoy seeing their photos and connecting the dots of happenings with your words. And of course, your little dash of humor - cat steppin. Hahaha! Thank you for your shared joy.