Friday, February 22, 2008

30days/day 6 & 7slices of life/server and back out

Well my server was down from Thursday morning until Friday morning; which is just as well since my back was and is out. Today will be spent lying on my couch mending. My hubby helped do a popping thing the physical therapist told me to do when this happens and that plus the rest has been helping. But my hubby got back from a Houston trip and now he is running a fever (and he is at work) . So we might both be out of it for a bit. I may not visit too many of you---but I am keeping you in my prayers---have a blessed weekend---and perhaps I'll do some visiting later today?
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  1. Take care of yourself and rest up! I have a flu bug so I am doing the same!

    Blessings to you!


  2. You're in my prayers. I've had back trouble in the past, and have had to learn preventative measures.

    Walk as much as is possible.

  3. Oh, my.....yes, twisting while lifting a child is bad. That's when I had my troubles, back when my kids were small and I was lifting them all the time and carrying them on my hip. I eventually held the kids always right at my front.

    If I'm blessed to be a grandma someday, I'll have to relearn how to lift little ones.

    You continue in my prayers.

  4. Thank you, Kim, for visiting me and leaving a comment even though you are not feeling well today.

    You asked what castor oil was used for. The only thing I've ever know it to be used for is constipation. But it is really greasy, oily texture with a bad taste. Bad punishment for anyone, lol.

    I pray you and your hubby both will be well soon.


  5. Ah Nannykim, I'm sorry you are not doing well with your back. I hope that you don't wind up sick as well. Take care and I say a prayer for you...Jennifer

  6. Thanks for your visit. I hope you both feel better soon!!

  7. I'm sorry to hear your back is hurting. I sure know how that feels, no fun at all!

    Hope you feel better soon. (o:



  9. I'm so sorry your back is out!! Hope you and your hubby feel better soon. Take it easy this weekend.

    You commented that, when you click on my name, there are two other blogs and listed and I should add my main one. The problem is, my main one is a Wordpress blog and the others are Blogger. I only opened the one Blogger account so that I could comment on accounts like yours that don't allow any but Blogger blogs to comment. Then I opened the weight loss one on Blogger rather than WP because I wanted to experiment with how to use Blogger.

    I try to remember on blogs like this one to put the link to my main blog in my signature like so:

    Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

  10. so sorry to hear about your back... you rest up and take care of yourself..I will keep you in my prayers... and I'll see you when you feel up to posting again

  11. I hope you get better soon. My prayers are with you. You asked about showing my "new" bedroom, it is almost done, but not quite and I don't want to show it until it is all done.

    Hugs, Sharon

  12. So sorry to hear that you hurt your back. Bummer to be down and out. Wanted to let you know that I did have the DNA test done but it will take a week for results. I do not have any idea how much it will cost. It was filed on my insurance and I sure hope they will pay! I am sure in a few weeks I will get a statement and I will let you know. They are also recommending that I get my boys tested because it is likely that I passed it onto one or more of them.

  13. Hope you feel better soon, and that you get plenty of rest.

    Computer trouble is very frustrating!

    If you enjoy memes and feel well enough I've tagged you over on my blog.

    Sarah x

  14. I hope you both are better soon!

    To answer your questions, I buy most of my Redwork from a dealer in an antiques mall I go to and some from ebay. The peonies are silk and so realistic looking. They were expensive when I bought them years ago - but it's been worth it since they look so life like and have lasted.

    Have a good weekend!


  15. Oh gee, Kim, I am so sorry you are under the weather. I sure hope Hubby doesn't get it like we did or the two of you will be out of commission for quite a while. Sending get well prayers your way. ((hugs)) Rosie

  16. You are in my prayer nannykim and your husband as well. I hope that you are both back to good health very shortly.

  17. we're leaving for houston this weekend...livestock show time! :o)
    I can't tell by the picture...but, do we have the same type of computer?
    I have a 17" laptop - dell inspiron e1705...really caught my eye when I saw this...was like looking in a mirror...LOL! wierd! I love my dell!

    I'm glad the popping thing is working on your back.
    Blessings, Lisa