Wednesday, February 27, 2008

30 days / day 12/ slightly better

Well blogger has a scheduled out time in 15 minutes--so trying to beat them!! I am doing slightly better --the Motrin and the muscle relaxer stuff is working! I had some great home made chicken soup (recipe on my other blog).

Got to listen to some more of the conference in Seattle online too. And we had our Bible study here tonight on Philippians. (I just sat with my heating pad). So things are looking a bit up!!


  1. Glad to hear you're finally on the mend!!!!

  2. Sounds like your a little under the weather, hope you feel better soon.

    Also the soup looks good, although, it that oranges in the soup? Interesting. °Ü°

    Oh yea and I found you through Tracy's blog, nice to meet you. °Ü°

  3. Glad things are looking up! I tagged you for a meme, come on over and see what it is!

    :0) Sharon

  4. I just read through a bunch of your previous posts. SO sorry to hear about your back injury. I have seen, in a relative, that kind of pain up close. It is debilitating to say the least. Sigh. But you still manage to bring some beauty here!

  5. Just catching up on things. So terribly sorry about your back! Misery! Your soup looks wonderful, though. I hope you can continue to enjoy some relaxing days (and perhaps even a less complicated sleep position). :-)

  6. Mmm....the soup looks inviting. Keep on keeping on getting better!
    God bless!!