Thursday, February 28, 2008

30 days/ slices of life -day13?

I like Piper and I like his book on Desiring God. I happened upon this article on the Desiring God website about the relation between God and suffering --or some might call it the problem of pain. I thought this article had some good insights:
A summary of what he says:
That is my theology of sickness in a nutshell. First, in this age all creation, including our bodies, has been subjected to futility and enslaved to corruption. Second, there is a new age coming when all those who endure to the end in faith will be set free from all pain and sickness. Third, Jesus Christ came and died to purchase our redemption, demonstrate its character as both spiritual and physical, and give us a foretaste of it now. Fourth, God controls who gets sick and who gets well, and all his decisions are for the good of his children even if they are painful. Fifth, we should pray for God's help both to heal and to strengthen faith while we are unhealed, and should depend on the Holy Spirit's intercession when we don't know which to pray for. Finally, we should always trust in the power and love of God, even in the darkest hour of suffering. "
To get a better understanding of what he has said go to the above link. He explains the balance of His not always healing especially in regards to Rom. 8:18-28

Speaking of Pain my back slowly slowly continues to improve. But!! I almost re-injured it when my bag of chocolate chips broke and a bunch of them cascaded to the floor--it was a surprise and I always have a jerking reaction to surprises!! This chocolate was my comfort food, Alas, Alas it is all gone!


  1. Oh I would come pretty close to hurting myself to save chocolate chips from hitting the floor. °Ü°

    I'm sorry your having such back pain, I know it's very hard to live with pain.

    This post was great and very helpful! I see that they are carrots. °Ü°

  2. Oh, dear, I hope you didn't wrench your back too badly. When I had my hip surgery I fell twice, not hurting the hip but hurting the leg, etc. by straining them!

  3. I am sorry you are still hurting. I came to check on you, hoping you would be up turning cart wheels and felling all better (I feel fine and I can't turn a cart wheel). I'm glad you had chocolate today to help comfort you! Jennifer

  4. Well, above all, you MUST save the chocolate!!!!!!! :-) Glad you're feeling even better today!!

  5. How big was that bag of chocolate chips? :) Well, I can't make too much fun. Wally is out getting me a hot fudge ;0)

  6. OMG-oodness. I was just working on a post about healing in the body.

    I would have to agree. The only promise of healing in this lifetime is our soul against sin. The body is still under the curse of death and will suffer illness. Someday, in the sweet by and by, God will redeem ALL. And as you mention, God controls who gets sick and who gets well. We cannot name it and claim it or positive confession anything because faith is not a force.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed your email conversations. Thank you.