Monday, February 18, 2008

30 days/day 3-slices of life/ 214 year old violin

I woke up to beautiful rain today; so homey, cosy and refreshing. Boots felt that it was an excuse to snuggle (anything is an excuse for him).
The wind chimes were very happy and singing.

And on a gray day Hello Kitty makes me so happy--she looks like my granddaughter (see sidebar). The Kitties with the red ribbons are for holding my glasses around my neck--so much fun ya have to chuckle!

I used this bag below---today, it is great for rainy days--it is weatherproof!

Had to do some shopping--was again glad for the rain; it held the president day shoppers at bay.

Went to my accountability group---this is two of my friends, a third came later and the fourth is so sick--she has a form of MS that is very bad! These ladies are real blessings--for sharing and encouraging and holding accountable in the faith.

Realtives were visiting my MIL so I had the afternoon off--got caught up on straightening the laundry/porch area; writing letters; and doing some wash and exercise.
Tonight we went to a fantastic organ and violin concert at our church. Thomas Strauss was the organist/pianist. He did wonders with the organ.

Irina Mueller was the violinist--only 28!! She played on a violin by John Betts (London) from the year 1794. Both of these musicians were from Germany---what an awesome combo---just gorious music....Praise the Lord for the beauty in this day!


  1. Yep, someone won the race. I LOVE that you took your camera with you today!! And what a great concert! How fortunate you were to be able to experience that. I received an award early this morning. I knew right away I wanted to pass one on the my cousin. I've chosen to pass another one on to you.

  2. Well, Kim, thank you for your comment on my blog. However, it's not Tuesday, it's Monday, and I don't remember reading anything about having to take a picture of something I see on Tuesday to post today. I guess I'm missing something here. However, I'm sure you know I am fairly new at this blogging business and still have a lot to learn. Don't ever hesitate to point my mistakes out to me. That's one way for me to learn.

  3. That is to funny. I have some radishes in the dish so you are not all nuts hehe.

  4. I too was comforted by the rain today. It rinses the earth... a soft and special grace!

  5. I love rainy days and your kitty looks like he enjoyed the cozy time too!
    I can't believe the price of those birds on Ebay...yikes! I guess I won't be getting one anytime soon. LOL

  6. had a very busy day! It looks like a really good and fun day though! I wish I could come over and have coffee with you in your cozy home on a rainy day!

    Hugs, Sharon

  7. I love the picture of Boots, my Boots is looking cute today too.

    I like to be indoors when it's raining, makes me feel all cosy :)

    Music can bring us closer to the Lord...but sometimes further away (I'm talking about the weirder pop/rock that's around).

    Your posts are so uplifing.


    Sarah x

  8. Good morning nannykim,
    I love the rain only when I can stay home. I am not crazy about driving in it. My Victoria magazine is the March/April issue.
    It a good one. I love the spring issues of almost any magazine. Working at a grocery store it is so hard not to buy every single during the spring. So every now and then I will peak threw one on my break.
    Have a blessed day be careful in the rain.

  9. Oh, the rain looks wonderfully warm!! Much better than the cold snow out my window. Looks like you had a pleasant day!

  10. What a neat insight - you are a Hello Kitty fan. wont be able to see her now without thinking of you! Jennifer

  11. I would really have loved to hear the concert... I love violin music and organ music... and together they are to die for...

  12. Yeah for Hello Kitty! My favorite among them is the angel kitty.

    Tonight we went to a fantastic organ and violin concert at our church.

    Love it! My daughter and I are heading to a concert in early March. It's part of her requirement for a college class. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.