Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Before I forget--as I have said on some posts below, I am reading the book called "Living Simply" . I don't know how to underline on these posts and my spell check has quit working---alas that is a tragedy for me!!!!!!!! The author's blog is -- http://www.thesimplewife.typepad.com/ you can also see the link on my side bar.

The book is good---I just wish it had been a little more detailed on the specifics of simple living. But her blog will help.

Now, in her book, she admits she does not" love to eat lima beans or black-eyed peas"---horrors; I can not identify her as a southerner , now can I????

There is one quote I disagree with---------BUT let me just say for the record, that I have agreed with almost all of the book. ....Therefore I get to comment on something I don't quite agree with........Ha! She says, "As we get older, it seems that friendship naturally becomes simpler. I watch Audrey and the girls in my Brownie troop and the kids on the playground at lunch, and I smile at all the drama that goes on........" Now it is true, that we are more mature in our friendships than children, but I really don't think it becomes simpler/ just different!
I have found that as we get involved in husbands, and children and just everyday living it has taken much greater effort to form and keep friends. It takes time and time is sometimes hard to find.

The things I have found that have been an aid to me in this area are small Bible studies and accountablitiy groups. The latter has been so helpful in forming friendships and finding encouragement, yet I find I don't just hang out with my friends! I find I am getting together with others for study, encouragement, prayer....but not just for socialization. So here the book does give some good advice. She asks, "What kinds of friends do you want in your life?" After you figure that out then you need to be that kind of friend. ie If you want the kind of friend that writes real letters on stationery, than you do that. Do you want your friends to invite you to lunch? Then you do that....etc. So it is food for thought.


  1. Hello Nannykim,
    It sounds like a good book. I need to make my life more simple. I do not have many friends except at church. But you are right its the time thing. Between work, and family it is very hard. I think that's one reason why I concider my blogging buddies my friends.I read that google is trying to fix the spell check I hope they fix it SOON!!! Okay now I have a something for you thats special so I hope you visit me soon.

  2. It's true. Friends don't spend time with each just visiting and hanging out. It's not like the olden days when people went to each other's homes and spent hours just visiting. I blame television for that. I believe television to be the blame for a lot of things gone wrong in our society.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't knit or crochet, so I have no helpful hints about storing yarn. (I do want to learn to knit soon, though)

    I loved Joanne's book. I've learned that I can't sustain in depth relationships with many women...but those few that I have are priceless. I make time for them...lunches, phone calls, etc. Not that I do it often, but enough to stay connected.

  4. Someone once sent me an email forward about women friends.....it was trying to say that it is simply a fact that as women go through life, they have many different types of friendships. A friend you like to shop with, one you like to go out to lunch with, one for a shoulder to cry on, one to whom you write letters on nice stationary, a friend at work, a friend at church, a friend with the same hobby, old school friends, etc., etc. It helped me see that on the ever-changing path of life, no friendship can encompass everything, and I should be thankful for whoever comes my way.

  5. Oh, I think there can still be drama with friends when we are older. Not over trival stuff like boys and clothes, but things that are deeper, like a friend can offend you or hurt you deeply by just a few words.

    I do think that friends are important especially friends that keep us accountable and are encouraging. I value you as one of my friends Kim!

  6. You are right....you have to be a friend to make a friend or keep a friend. I am lucky to be living with my best friend.....my hubby. I have been guilty of letting old friendships wane as my life with my husband began 6 years ago.....but in all honesty, I am content with him and my family and the friends I have made in the blogging community. We all have to find our own niche.

  7. you shared,
    She asks, "What kinds of friends do you want in your life?" After you figure that out then you need to be that kind of friend.

    Sounds reasonable. Maybe that's sort of like "do unto others as you would have done to you."

    I'd have to agree with you, that friendships get more difficult to maintain or even develop as we get older. There are too many other demands in life that take our attention once marriage and children come on the scene.

  8. Thanks for your encouragement with my photo project. I, too, just love my small group of women. We are friends but the Bible and prayer are central. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll have to check this book out.

  9. I also really love the idea of (trying, at least) to be the friend to others that they need. To look outside of myself and understand that someone else might need something different than me and more difficult than it seems!

  10. Did you know there's a Simple Living Network? They have a really good message board.


  11. I am interested in simpler living...oh my life is not complicated perhaps chaotic is a better word, I'm here there and everywhere not much time for a breather. But I see a light at the end of the tunnel and things should simplify towards the end of the year...I hope!! Lol I've found advice about underlining on blogger a YouTube video, how funny is that?

  12. Nope--I didn't know there was a simple living network--but I checked it out and it has some good advice on some things!!

  13. your winnie the pooh picture is adorable:)

  14. I'm so glad you stopped in my blog this evening. Love finding another south carolinian! Love your post on living simply. I agree about the friend thing, as I have gotten older, my friends are definitely more varied and I have friends that I love to just grow with. Thanks again for visiting. I'll be back!