Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Victoria Mag

Well quite a few fellow bloggers told me about this magazine so I did receive it as a Christmas present. I knew nothing about it, except that some fellow bloggers loved it.

There is an article in it this month about Alexandra Stoddard.--How she loves to write with real ink, special paper, etc. I did like some of her quotes. SUCH AS:

"We create our surroundings, and they have a way of shaping us. The light , energy , colors ,textures, sounds, fresh air, privacy, order, and beauty make me comfortable and happy................Let our hearts awaken to the beauty of the common place.......Let us try to balance our solitude with society. Indeed, writing is a way we can convey our love of life as well as our love of others.."

"By setting aside this private time to be in touch with myself every day, I'm more mindful of the depth of possibilities awaiting us once we awaken to life's rich beauty"

"Writing shows my gratitude for the blessings of being alive, of being human, of having a body, mind, and spirit-energy that can think, feel, and express what's most important to me. And my peaceful room offers a sanctuary to write happily and mindfully."

I think that is how I feel too--I think it is fun to add different touches to a room---different textures, colors, things from outdoors, etc--to create an atmosphere for myself and my family. My husband installed lights--which he thought were L-E-D lights--they look just like them--but they are not! ANyways we love the atmosphere at night it gives the dining room and the upstairs living room a cozy feel----I can't get the pictures to come out right. Tonight we sat in front of the fire and the ambiance from these little lights was great!! --comforting and romantic. He put them up in the picture molding that is at the top of the two rooms. I also moved tables around in the other dining area and it created a slightly different atmosphere---maybe I will post some pics on Wednesday.

I also was challenged by some bloggers to do something to make my bedroom a bit more cozy. So I put up some sheer white curtains and my husband and I couldn't believe how much brighter and cozier the room felt. I also threw in a rocking chair and rug from other areas and it softened up the room.

All of these little changes today---just gave me a contentedness---that we as creatures of God who is the great Creator have some desires to create in our own ways----to make things or arrange things to inspire us. I love the way He has painted our universe with beauty. Praise Him.

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  1. I so enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing and the quotes hit home. it is so true.

    I have added you to my blog friends list because I want to come back and visit you again.

    I have discovered you through "show and tell" and will join in for the first time this coming Friday.