Saturday, January 5, 2008

winter whites 1

0k--so this blog at is having a give away--but I have to post some winter whites. Now some might not consider shells winter whites, but I do. I live near the beach and I love the creamy white of the shells and I have them up now and it is that is my excuse.

Now this above is more appropriate for winter white, eh--it was in the 20's again this morning--I love the look of ice in the birdbath, but the poor birds and squirrels don't!! I will have to thaw it out for them!

This is a beautiful tree --shining white as the sun hits it this morning!! Definitely a winter white!
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  1. Hi Nannykim,
    I am now feeling better... I finally got my phone lines repaired so my computer is up and running I stopped by to see you and find that you have been very busy... re-arranging you blog and your home... and I must say I like both the way you have changed them!!
    I really missed you guys and it is so great to be back in blog land again!!

  2. Love your shells used as decoration! I got the snow flakes so long ago but I'm sure they came from Walmart or a craft store. They came in a bag of several sizes. They should be pretty easy to find.

  3. I had to pop over and see what a Nannykim is... I see that you have a precious baby doll!
    I have sea shells around to. It makes me smile~ what a better reason I ask?
    I'll be back (if I can find my way)

  4. I enjoyed the pictures. I love sea shells, too. When my grandsons visit their other grandmother in Florida, they sometimes bring me back some shells.

    Is your name Kim? From the name of your blog, I think it probably is, but I just want to be sure.

  5. HI nannykim, thanks for visiting my blog. I love shells too & like to display them in summer. Lucky you living near the beach. You must find some really pretty ones.
    I'll be back & please come by & visit me often. DebraK

  6. Hi NannyKim,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog to enter my give-away.

    Your house is beautiful. I LOVE the wall color in the first photos. Do you mind telling me what brand and color that is? I want to punch up the color a bit in my family room, from butter yellow to a little deeper shade.

    Also love the wainscoting, white painted fireplace, etc, etc. Gorgeous!

  7. The shells are a great winter white! I always think the best decorations tie you to where you live and are meaningful. I could use some beach and seashells right now :-)

  8. Hi there.... I am so glad you stopped by to enter my giveaway... so nice to meet some new folks... and I love your blog... what a wonderful family you have....looks like quite a brood...

    I hope you stop by again...



  9. White Winter shells, how pretty ! I love seeing all the different idea's on everybodies blog.
    Thanks for coming to visit my blog and I love my aprons , too ! My teenage daughter makes them for me!

  10. Hello nannykim..nana aNNa here: I also decorate with shells throughout my home in the summer..I have vessels filled with them..I love the energy I get from them...sea and sand and summer breezes..but for now i enjoy my winter white garden and am so pleased that you came by to enjoy it too! I will try my best to give you more whiteness in future posts all taken from my window as I recover from my broken ankle! It is a pleasure to meet you nannykim!
    hugs NG

  11. I love all your decorating touches. How neat that you live close to the beach! Lucky you!

    It is cold here too in Oregon, we had snow last night and had to drive home in it, it was soooo pretty. Today it is mostly gone, but still chily.

    :0) Sharon

  12. I love the sea shells, what a nice touch. Growing up my family always went to the coast for vacation and searching for shells was the first thing we all did. Brings back a lot of good memories.

  13. I recently moved near the coast, and I find that winter decor is completely different here. I love the shells!