Thursday, January 3, 2008

Punches of color

Since it is winter I decided to try some punches of color in my other dining area. These two pics are from that area---not sure I can live with all the color, but I think I can, I think I can. At least it gives it a redness in preparation for Valentines Day at the same time ;-). The thing I hate about the shelf in this picture is that you can't leave it empty---but then I hate clutter---so what do you do? I have sometimes done everything on this in white to give it a more simple feel. But how in the world can you be simple with all of the spindles in this house? Someone gave me the colorful rooster---so I put him in the mix and I love blue bottles , but they are kind of clutterish!! /so I am not sure if I am happy with the results. On the post below I show other changes---for some reason picassa only loads a few pics at a time when I tell them to do a bunch!!Posted by Picasa WELL I COULD'T LIVE WITH THE BLUE BOTTLES---I DID REMOVE THEM AND REARRANGED THE JUNK IN MORE GROUPINGS!! I MOVED THE BLUE BOTTLES TO A WINDOW IN MY OTHER DINING ROOM!


  1. Yes, the header is from my home. I'm glad you like it. Have a lovely day.

  2. I like the red. But then, I'm a person with a sunset golden dining room!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog! I like your decor changes, with the red splashes, great contrast with the white and getting ready for Valentine's Day! I've been thinking about using a red/green Christmas plaid tablecloth on my dining room table just for a change in January, I've never used it there before (found it half- priced last year ($6.00) My decorations are still up, I wasn't here to enjoy them much, so in no hurry to take them down.

    I think some more red things on your shelf would look good - maybe add fat red candles with the rooster, etc. Another thing I like to do is cluster things together in threes instead of straight across, that keeps it from looking like clutter. You didn't ask for advice, so just bop me on the head if you didn't want any!!

    I have a separate blog for my grandchildren, I only give it to family, friends, and acquaintances who are interested. Since I "know" you a little I'll share it with you if you are interested!

  4. I agree with yellow rose arbor--I did remove the bottles!!

  5. I really love the touches of red you've added to the room! I also like the shelves and ran into similar trouble with my kitchen windowsill and mantle this week. I try filling in exra spots with greenery, usually ivy. I think your diningroom is beautiful!

  6. Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your room looks great!

  7. I just love this WHOLE look...beautiful...

  8. I like your splashes of color! I want to de-cludder, but am a little overwhelmed as to where to start!

    :0) Sharon