Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trees, Trees, Trees--glorious trees! and thoughts and God winks

These trees are so beautiful--they are some of what I see on my walks--evergreen oaks have large limbs that can cover an entire yard. Our town is sometimes referred to as Tree City USA because many of our roads are built around the trees. We even have one road with a tree right in its middle. (this is not it!--this is another of my favorites)
The Spanish Moss is also so beautiful at this time of the year--I love the gray and the beauty of it!
I love being under these trees--the dark limbs with the lighter moss is awesome~!
Here is a pic of the wind blowing the moss and the dark limbs in their beauty.

Here is a close up:

I was reflecting today on true joy because of my reading in John 15: 9 As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. 10 If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father's commandments and abide in his love. 11 These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.
12 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 13 Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends

He tells us how to have true joy--by abiding in him and keeping His commands--in particular to love as He loves. I see that I have often in the past sought joy in so many other places and yet He has told us and shown us what really gives joy. I have found this to be true~~real deep inner joy comes from Him--from knowing and following Him.

Yesterday I experienced a neat God Wink---that is when God providentially puts something in your life and it is like He is winking at you---a touch of His love---Him saying--I see you--here is a little treat. I was delivering a CD of our church service to someone in the nursing home--the lady that usually delivers these CDs was in Haiti this week. So guess what? When I came to this particular lady in the home, I found out she grew up in the town next to my home town in CT.! Not only that, but she went to the same high school as my MOM!! in those days the surrounding towns had to travel for high school. It was so cool to talk about our love for those areas---and to think about this "coincidence"---I plan on returning next week to talk more!! ps--to appreciate this--you need to know I am living in SC!


  1. Oh what beautiful trees! And how wonderful that you met the woman in the nursing home -- I'm sure your visit was as much a treat for her as it was for you.

  2. The trees are beautiful. And I love wha tyou have said about the "wink from God"

  3. That is neat about the lady in the nursing home.

    I of course love the Conway trees and miss them. All we have here are pines as far as I can tell!

  4. What a beautiful place for a nice walk...I'll bet it is really cool in the summertime under those trees...
    I used to work in a Nursing Home and I can assure you that your visit meant more than you will ever know the the lady you visited...I hope you do get to go back to see her...and even make special cards for her...
    {{Hugs}} for your caring so much,

  5. The trees are so graceful and the moss is amazing - I haven't seen anything like it before -looks like a scene from a story book!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. WOW! those trees are just priceless! Trees are my favorit. Do you think it was a coincidence or do you think the Lord had something to do with that visit? I am tring to find the different's between a coincidence and the Lord working in my life, and in others. I truly enjoy watching the Lord in other people's life as well as my own. No the coffee table is a picture of one that I found on line. I thought my friend/neighbor would like it but she already bought one for there new home. I have a small favor to ask of you I hope you don't mind. On my comments from friday my husbands aunt made a comment on my blog and she is new it is her first blog would you be so kind to say hello to her I think she will enjoy getting to know other bloggers and you her. I hope you don't mind me asking that of you. Have a wonderful day

  7. Hi Kim,

    I really enjoyed reading your posting for today. Those trees are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting those lovely pictures.

    I know you must have been excited to talk to the lady in the nursing home. Going back to visit her will be a good deed on your part and one that you will also enjoy I'm sure.jcjyckjcjyck

  8. Ah, I do miss those oaks. But there are some very nice, giant cedars surrounding the Anglican church here in WA. I'll send you a pic when I get a chance.

  9. I enjoyed you lovely pictures of the trees. And your visit to the nursing home was very sweet. I know the lady was blessed by your being there.

  10. You're the first to visit my blog. The first besides my daughter that is. She didn't leave a message. I appreciate all the comments you made. Your tree pictures are interesting. Have you ever seen a Banyon tree? They have them in Hawaii and India. I don't know if they are anywhere else or not. I have seen them in both of those places (Hawaii and India). They are awesome trees.

  11. To Ginger's Aunt--I have ony seen pictures of Banyon trees--they look like they must be pretty big! I wonder how they compare with evergreen oaks?

  12. I used to live in the deep south and really miss the spanish moss in the oak trees. It was so nice to see your beautiful trees.

  13. What amazing trees! You are so blessed to live there and see them every day! God has truly blessed you!

    :0) Sharon

  14. You must be familiar with the book "When God Winks"!

    I just found your blog two days ago. Your tree photos are wonderful! Frosty trees have been a photo subject for me here in Iowa lately.

    Your special coincidence was great!
    Coincidences/synchronicities are the grandest thing going! They make life so interesting! Yesterday I was stopped at a stop-sign behind another vehicle. Here in Iowa our license plates have three numbers followed by three letters. The plate on the vehicle in front of me had my daughter's birthdate, followed by her initials! I was amazed, considering that's the only vehicle in Iowa with that particular combination......and that I happened to be following it!

    Thank you, too, for the wonderful Bible insights.

    I blog about alot of nothing, and sometimes about coincidences that are fascinating to me.

    I will be reading your blog often.

  15. I love the trees. How blessed. Their solid trunks speak of times past and promises kept by He who makes each day new.