Thursday, January 3, 2008

January changes

January has come, so a new year and another opportunity to move things around ;-) . The picture to the side is of the L"E"D" type lights my husband put in one of our dining areas---it casts a very soft glow and is great for candle light eating. He put them up above the picture molding.

This rug is a gift from Turkey--it livens up one of our living rooms.

Here you can see our sock monkeys at home above our bed--kind of like angels watching over us (just kidding)---I finally put some sheers up on the windows to get rid of the starkness in the room and some new (old) bedding. I am wondering if I should do something to the darkness of the book shelf--but I am to lazy and eventually it will be filled---it is the only bookshelf in our house not crammed because I dumped the books out of this one and put them on another shelf in a closet.!

For the spiritual side of life--I think I do appreciate the fact that God gives us changes. Changes in seasons of nature and of seasons of life. God has ensured that I am not "bored"---I love the fact that we can't get stuck in a rut if we are alive and interacting with God----not that God is so concerned about being in a rut, but He does want us to be fully alive to Him and to His glory in this world. Guess that is one reason why I enjoy walks so much---gives time to reflect on His glory that He expresses by or in His creation; It truly is a reflection of what he is like--great in power, in beauty, in care, in creativeness----now, how to reflect that in my own life?


  1. Hi - On my mosaic creamer lamps. Everything I sell on my website has prices listed. You can always visit it at The little lamps are $45.00 if I have the china style in stock. If I have to purchase something special, I would have to charge the cost of the new material...Thanks for asking!

  2. The lights add such a nice touch to your eating area! That was a great idea.

    Mrs. C

  3. Hello nannykim, I love the red, it is nice to have a splash of color.You can always change it when you get tired of it. I feel the same way about clutter. It is a love-hate relationship.I do have to tell you that I cliked on the picture to get better look and I love,love,love your glass door knob, those are my favorit, and the lights are very pretty.
    Thank-you for sharing