Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year and Bible Readings

(picture of the inside of the old church in McClellanville--if you click on it you will see the altar cloth says Alleluia). With the New Year---I always reconsider what I should do for the daily Bible readings--I have decided on two kind. The daily office Lectionary which is read by many--different Christian churches and the Chronological reading of the Bible in one year. In reading in Genesis this morning I was considering Adam and how he was put by God into the garden to work. I love what Matthew Henry said about this:

15 After God had formed Adam, he put him in the garden. All boasting was thereby shut out. Only he that made us can make us happy; he that is the Former of our bodies, and the Father of our spirits, and none but he, can fully provide for the happiness of both. Even in paradise itself man had to work. None of us were sent into the world to be idle. He that made our souls and bodies, has given us something to work with; and he that gave us this earth for our habitation, has made us something to work upon. The sons and heirs of heaven, while in this world, have something to do about this earth, which must have its share of their time and thoughts; and if they do it with an eye to God, they as truly serve him in it, as when they are upon their knees. Observe that the husbandman's calling is an ancient and honourable calling; it was needful even in paradise. Also, there is true pleasure in the business God calls us to, and employs us in. Adam could not have been happy if he had been idle:it is still God's law, He that will not work has no right to eat, 2 Thessalonians 3:10"

Love that quote--love the fact that there is true pleasure in the business God calls us to , and employs us in!! If anyone chooses to comment on this post--let me know what you have decided to do this year in your devotions ;-)


  1. A living faith produces good works. We will desire to serve, bless, and glorify God through our lives when the Holy Spirit is alive in us.

  2. So glad you were inspired. Have a lovely day.