Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another God Wink

Well I experienced another God Wink on Tuesday. Some of you know I visited a lady at the nursing home the other week and when I did, I found out she grew up in the town next to mine up in CT. She also went to the same high school as my mom! This lady lives here in SC and so do I ---it was the hand of God putting us together. I have never met anyone that went to the high school my mom did!

Any ways! I had some flowers from the church to take to her and I was not able to get the time to go over on Monday. So Tuesday I had some time in the morning. God just so timed this that I got there shortly after her son-in-law had come in to tell her that her daughter had died. She was handling it so well---she is such a blessing and has such a wonderful attitude of counting her blessings; I am so glad God timed it so I could be there with her. If you read this, pray a prayer that God would continue to comfort her in this loss---she said it hadn't really sunk in yet.

In my devotions today--meditated on Exodus 2:24-25 where the following phrases can be found -"God heard their groaning" "God remembered his covenant" "God saw" "and God knew"-- I love this--God hears, remembers, sees and knows----and these bring comfort because, as I know, these statements are not apart from his love and comfort!


  1. I rmember that post. I am glad that you were there you are right it was a God wink. I will keep her in my prayers.

  2. what a blessing that you were there with her as she tried to comprehend the loss of her daughter!!
    God knew you needed to be there on Tuesday... so he kept you busy on Monday...
    What a wonderful God we have!! and what a blessed friend you are to this dear lady!!

  3. How wonderful that God used you to comfort her at just the right time!

  4. Oh sweeting I am so glad you were there..and so sad for the dear one..I can't matter what age I live to be, losing a daughter..or a son
    would be HORRID..
    but God does hear..does know ..and LOVES us
    God put you where He wanted you to be.
    your friend is blessed to have you!!

    Enjoy the day..Deena

  5. I will say a prayer for her, bless her heart. It sure does sound like an ordained appointment from the Lord! Isn't God amazing! Bless you for being obedient to His calling.

    Hugs, Sharon

  6. Sounds like many God winks going on in this situation. Your friend will be lifted in prayer.

    Your photo is lovely, too. I like those wispy tree branches.

  7. God does work in miraculous ways. Sometimes when I think sad thoughts and feel unsure of my direction in life, I am reminded that maybe my sole purpose today is to smile at someone on the train or be kind to someone. Who knows how big a difference we can be in the life of others. Huge, I think bigger than we realize.

    Thanks for sharing this story.

  8. i just love that idea, experiencing God winks-how sweet.
    I'll be on the lookout for those now too:)

  9. I love that phrase - God wink. It strikes a chord with me. I am glad that yor friend had a Godly person (YOU!) there for her at that sad time. Jennifer

  10. Nannykim, I would like to use your 'God Wink' phrase on a post and link it back to you if that's ok. Is there a post on your blog that explains this concept that you would prefer I reference, or is a simple link sufficient? I would love to read more about your interpretation of the God Wink for sure! Thank you as always for your wonderful blog posts - Jennifer btw will you let me know on my comments if all this is ok? Thanks