Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow and Thoughts

My daughter had this picture on her blog to show me my grandbaby's reaction to the snow. Any time Rhianwen experiences something new, she gets very serious!! She was clinging on to her snowball since she had seen the way her mom's snowball had burst when thrown at her daddy!

In my readings in Genesis today, I came to Gen 29. I had forgotten /not thought about/ the fact that Christ in coming through the line of Judah came through Leah and not Rachel. Also the priestly line of the Levites came through Leah and not through Rachel. It again showed me that God's ways just are not our ways. Jacob had chosen Rachel to be his wife, but through the trickery of Laban, Leah became his first wife. Seven years later , Rachel became his second wife.

Leah was not as beautiful, nor as loved by Jacob.......yet this was the woman God chose to raise up the messianic line and the priestly line. Leah had seemed like an "accident" and "trick" in Jabob's life. But God's hand was in it---the Messiah would come through Leah.

This helps me--with my own kids. It helps me to remember that God works his ways and His ways are often surprising to me! The earlier passage in Gen 22 also showed God testing Abraham with his son Isaac---it showed to me that God sometimes does test us with or through our children......and that our hands are to be open to God---as if our hands were holding our children up to him, and then trusting His work , His ways, in their lives.


  1. OH! What a cute cute face. Priceless! Thank-you do much for that link I already book marked it I hope to be able to ask her in a day or two. Have a beautiful day./

  2. He's not sure if he likes this cold snow or not!!!
    what an adorable picture...
    Kim, you are right.. we have to be willing to give up our children in order for God to give us the blessings through them that God wants us to experience.. and God's ways are not our ways any more than God's timing is the same as our timing...
    very good post..

  3. Cute picture. I guess ya'll got some snow too! We had a blast playing in it here. It is a rare occasion so we had to enjoy it while it was still around.

  4. I had to smile when you talked about your granddaughter holding on tight to the snowball. How cute.

    I am always inspired by your writings surrounded by Bibical verses.

    I have an award for you.

  5. Darling photo of a darling! How is her name pronounced?

  6. Oh my! Those chubby cheeks are just too cute!!!

  7. Wow...I just loved this post! I had never really thought about the line of Christ coming through Leah...that is just priceless! It really brought tears to my eyes. Poor Leah, all the rejection and heartache she had in her life, and yet she was to be used to bring forth the Christ..

    God is so good...

  8. Hi Nanny Kim
    What a cute little munchkin! I've been enjoying your family photographs. How blessed you are! Thank you for your interest in my little world down here in Australia too. I've answered your wonderful queries in my comments section if you'd like to pop over some time.

    Great to visit with you again. Have a lovely week!
    Kelleigh xx

  9. Thanks for all your tips about the wheat free diet. It is going to be a big change in lifestyle. At least now I know who to come for for tips and advice! I do have to say- I have been wheat and egg free for five days and my stomach does feel better and I have not had to use my asthma inhaler at all. (hives are still there :(
    I was wondering about the msg thing, so maybe I should just avoid that too.

  10. sorry about the slip of the fingers in calling Rianwen a "him"
    she is an adorable baby and I wouldn't want to mistake her for a rambunctious little boy!!
    sorry Rhianwen..:0(

  11. your granddaughter is sooo adorable! and interesting thoughts...i don't think i had ever thought about Jesus coming through Leah's line either...?? the Lord works in mysterious true.

  12. Oh my and whos's that little angel in pink????? Oh, Nannykim, your granddaughter is adorable! Enjoy her... enjoy enjoy while you can... they grow up toooooo fast!

    Pd: You asked what is my "favorite" store"--that one where I get all the pretty things I have in my house in the roses", for less than $5.00 (usually)... well, what other than GoodWills and any other thrift stores I can find on my way! :)

    Have an awesome day!


  13. Excellent point on Leah. God's ways and thoughts are not ours because they're higher. showed to me that God sometimes does test us with or through our children......and that our hands are to be open to God---as if our hands were holding our children up to him, and then trusting His work , His ways, in their lives.

    Thank you for this bit of rethinking my position on some things in my personal life. I've been very disappointed lately on situations that I often suppress. But they come to the surface at times and threaten to overwhelm me when I strive in my own strength.