Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weekend fun

I have been wanting to go to the beach for quite a while (even though we are only 20 minutes away!)--we did it for Rhianwen's birthday weekend and it was loads of fun--she kept running back into the water and licking everything--water, shells, hands!! It was a warm beautiful day and the joy was great seeing her excitement at everything!


  1. Okay I know have sometime to tell you about our weekend. First of all it was by far the most spiritual weekend that I can remember. I truly needed it. The name of the man that was there is Dr. Albert Lemmons I was going to send you his web page but it is down as we speak ( not sure why ) He talked mostly about different kinds of prayer and feelings that go with the prayer that you are praying. And how much our Lord wants us to pray to him. To be honest there were some points that I just could not understand. We have his work book and my husband and I are going to do it together. I am hoping there will be a better understanding for me. And he talked alot about Faith. I wish it wasen't over. I think that we had to much free time I would of liked to have more class time but he is an older man and get tired so our church didn't want to over do it with him. Thank-you so much for asking. Oh I have not started the book Grandma I need your prayers. I look at it everyday I will be starting it in a couple of weeks I have another one the name is Light for My Path for Grandparents.
    Oh and one more thing Dr. Albert Lemmons talked about is how so many parents pray that there children become famous or a Lawyer but he said that we need to pray for these children to teach the Bible and grow older teaching the Bible. Thank you I am sorry I went on and on and on. Have a blessed evening

  2. It is most definitely NOT too late to get in on my drawing. I'll close comments early Thursday morning. Good luck to you!

    I think that baby granddaughter is so cute. Her enthusiastic expressions are just so adorable. I love the look of experiencing something for the first time. Or the look of just pure joy. And she shows those so well.

    Someday I'll have beautiful grandchildren to love. I hope.

  3. This looks like a great day. I love the beach and hate to see the summer season end.