Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More weekend fun

We found a cool pop-up book at the library book sale and Rhianwen was ecstatic--she kept opening her mouth and making loud exclamation at the pop up pictures!


  1. What a darling picture. Seeing things like this gets me excited about having grandchildren some day! This picture helps me deal with empty nest knowing that I have some neat things to look forward to!

    Blessings! Sharon

  2. aren't our grand kids the most wonderful fun you could possibly have!!!
    it seems that we have more patience with the little things than we did with our own kids...(we were too busy trying to make them the perfect Children and we just enjoy our grand children and don't worry about the little things!

  3. yes, ginger, sharon and mimi--the gift of a grandchild is wondrful and fun and as ginger says it is aopportunity for more prayer ;-)