Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Full Heart

This weekend we celebrated our Grandbabies first birthday. As only grandmothers can understand, it was a rich blessing to experience the fulfillment of seeing a Christian home being established by our daughter's family and the joy of another child to teach and to show the glory of our Great God. Ps71: 17-18:

O God, Thou hast taught me from my youth;
And I still declare Thy wondrous deeds.
And even when I am old and gray, O God, do not
forsake me,
Until I declare Thy strength to this generation,
Thy power to all who are to come,"

Along with this, this weekend was a blessing because of the richness of God speaking his word to our hearts. God ministered to me in the Sunday School, in the sermon, in the music, in the scripture readings--it is so wonderful the way He can directly speak this way!! Bless Him for all of his good gifts.

Also thanks so much for Christian fellowship (family and otherwise)--I like this quote from Bonhoeffer:

"Our community with one another consists solely in what Christ has done to both of us........Because God has already laid the only foundation of our fellowship,because God had bound us together in one body with other Christians in Jesus Christ, long before we entered into common life with them, we enter into that common life not as demanders but as thankful recipients. We thank God for what He has done for us. We thank God for giving us brethren who live by His call, by His forgiveness, and His promise. We do not complain of what God does not give us; we rather thank God for what He does give us daily. And is not what has been given us enough: brothers, who will go on living with us through sin and need under the blessing of His grace? Is the divine gift of Christian fellowship anything less than this, any day, even the most difficult and distressing day? Even when sin and misunderstanding burden the communal life, is not the sinning brother still a brother , with whom I, too, stand under the Word of Christ? Will not his sin be a constant occasion for me to give thanks that both of us may live in the forgiving love of God in Jesus Christ? Thus the very hour of disillusionment with my brother becomes incomparably salutary, because it so thoroughly teaches me that neither of us can ever live by our own words and deeds, but only by that one Word and Deed which really binds us together-the forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ."

I can only say AMEN

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  1. What a beautiful grand baby... you had a sweet weekend if you spent it with her!!!
    I also like your quote on the forgiveness of our sins... without that forgiveness we would be lost forever and separated from God.