Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Making ornaments

Here is a cool idea for making a Christmas ornament--there are other neat ideas at I need to start making things now--if anyone else as some neat shabby chic ideas let me know. The star ornament is found by clicking on the year 2000 at this webpage I posted ad this silver/pearl thing is found right at the 1999 site ;-)


  1. Hi!
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  2. Hi - Me again :-) I am answering your question on my salmon recipe post....I have the Johnson Bros Old Britain Castles in both the red and blue. I love to mix and match them!

    I buy my parchment paper at the grocery store. It is next to the waxed paper and comes on a roll - just like waxed paper...If your regular grocery stre doesn't have it you will need to go to a specialty store, like Fresh Market..

  3. oh , thanks for answering--I'll have to look for that parchment paper!!

  4. Hi Penny,
    What cute Christmas ornaments, I will have to try to make some.
    Victoria mag comes out once a month. It was around for years and then they stopped publishing it and now its back. It is a very beautiful mag. and they have wonderful recipes as well. Or they use to. I am looking for in seeing what they have changed. I have a lot of the back issues, they were just to pretty to get rid of. The only thing is I feel guilty when reading something like that because I don't read my Bible anywhere near like I should be reading it.
    Have a blessed day.