Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Showing my kids the paint

Ok--so we toned down the sunroom's yellow--but I don't know if you can tell by these pics. It is the same color as the piano room. Also not sure if you can see the blue color of the kitchen wall and dining room--it is a pale blue.--very peaceful and I like it better than the green. Did you notice I put my matching tea cups on the shelf--;-) . You can tell the difference in the yellow if you look at the family picture on the sidebar--the yellow there is brighter .


  1. Your home is beautiful! I love that yellow! It is so serene and calm. Very pretty. I also love all your tea cups!

    You asked on my blog abuot the ratio of water and Dawn soap to kill the bugs, I'll ask my hubby and get back to you! As far as I can tell it does not hurt plants. I remember once someone told me that dish soap was good for grass, so maybe we should google it???

    Have a happy night! Sharon

  2. You have a beautiful home! It looks so peacful and welcoming:>)