Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have just started reading this book and I like the quote at the beginning that was given by her mom:
"Put your hand in His [Jesus'] hand, and walk alone with Him. Walk ahead, because if you look back you will go back."
So far the thing I have seen in this book is her absolute trust in God. I had heard a book read on cd this week by Joyce Meyer about joy. One of the things she spoke about was simplicity---the way of simplifying our lives by having trust in God. I had been thinking about how to simplify life , but hadn't really thought about this aspect!! If I really do trust Him in everything it surely does simplify my life!!! (I did not realize how I can get anxious about even little things in the day--or distracted---but actively choosing trust is wonderful!!)
Also--read this this mornining: Psalm 18:28 "For Thou dost light my lamp:
The LORD my God illumines my darkness"
What a blessing!

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  1. I want to simplify my life termendously! And be able to give more time to the Lord and those in need.I am trying to get more organized so I have more time to do what is needed, but its taking me awhile. Thank-you for your blog I always enjoy what you have to say.