Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thanks Ya'll for your Thankfulness

Wow --that was fun (speaking of my post below for the 25th) and when I get time I will have to respond--even to my old friend from Bugbee Lane!! It is so wonderful to give thanks constantly and wow it raises my heart in praise to read the things you are thankful for--THAT WAS AWESOME-we have sooo much to give thanks for.

I wanted to record something from Barnes' Commentary I read this morning so I can think about it later:

"Meekness produces peace. It is proof of true greatness of soul. It comes from a heart too great to be moved by little insults. It looks upon those who offer them with pity. He that is constantly ruffled, that suffers every little insult or injury to throw him off his guard, and to raise a storm of passion within, is at the mercy of every mortal that chooses to disturb him. He is like the troubled sea that cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt."

Thought that was a good point to think about.

Now more things to give thanks for:

A sparkling day (like diamonds on leaves of a tree in its brilliancy)
Christian books
C.S. Lewis quotes
the clean soap smell
the power of God's Word
a bowl of chocolate kisses
not to worry-the act that God is always enough
God's mercy
the incarnation
the beauty of wrinkles on the faces of the aged
a cat romping
words in old hymns--like majestic sweetness sits enthroned
the noise of the clothes dryer
books of prayers
the gentleness of a cat cleaning himself
the morning bird songs (awesome)
the smell of coffee
the orange color of pumpkins
the dropping of fall leaves
the wide range of personalities
getting to see people's creative side
the neat aspects of women as reflected in their blogs
the tic/toc of old clocks
time for reflection!

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  1. I love when I start the day off with a Bible study although I wish I can say its everyday but its not.
    During the day I am trying to notice when the Lord works with me, rather than just thinking its a coincedence. I would love to see your favorit coffee cups.
    have a blessed day