Friday, September 7, 2007

Cool spider

This is a giant spider on our front porch that I am really enjoying. She is about 3 or 4inches long and has built many layers of webbing. It is so giant and it scares some visitors at our front door, but I am so enjoying her that she will remain. Her web is stretched between the front porch spindles and the porch light next to our door!! WHat a greeting, EH? The spider below is not mine--but the one with the brick is ours!!!


  1. Only you would want to keep such a scary thing. What kind is it? do you know?

  2. the picture of the spider with the bricks is our spider--the one below i put up on the blog before I realized my webcam could photograph it!! Don't know what kind it is , but cool yellow and black.

  3. Wally says it's a Writing Spider. They had them all the time in York.