Sunday, September 9, 2007

Last post for Sunday

Well--below this post I posted all of the mundane things about coffee pots and tea. But today was a blessed day--the sermon today mentioned a quote in some new book about a man that gets to heaven and God asks him, "Where are your wounds"--he asks him why he has no wounds, no scars, etc and proceeds to question him on whether there wasn't anything in his life that had been worth fighting for, worth sacrificing for?

That was such a good challenge--a good way to look at our life. We are not here for complacency--but to live as Christ did --to take up our cross and follow Him. After all He has done for us (for me)--what is my response. I find it hard to find the balance in life--he has given us all things to enjoy, He has given us creative spirits, we do love beauty....but this should not be my consuming thing--He alone deserves that place and I should glory in Him and glory in giving Him thanks for all things. But I love the question---Where are your wounds.

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  1. Thanks for this post... I need also to search myself for wounds... and I have to ask myself Where are My Wounds