Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pursuing Thanks and Catastrophe!

YIKES____Well--a funny thing happened this morning. I got up at 5:30 instead of 5, but I had been awake for part of the night--so I was a little groggy and had on my mind the cholesterol test I had to be at at 7 (with no coffee,,,ugh). Anyways I was shaking the Afghan that is on our bed in order to fold it (and do not ask me how I did this) , but when I did so it hit the ceiling fan and something went flying!!! It was one of the blades--the fan then went berserk because of the missing blade and I had to quickly shut it off (which was hard to do in my grogginess!!). I was so disappointed--the fan has been one of the few in our house that works wonderfully and with no sound---It is very old and now we will have to replace it and the new ones often do not do well!!!

BUT I WAS THANKFUL THAT THE BLADE DID NOT HIT ME OR BREAK THE ANTIQUE MIRROR IN OuR ROOM--so I did find something to give thanks for in the situation!

I would post the picture of the broken fan , but hubby is sleeping ;0) . So the pic is from flickr shymuse


  1. Oh, Nannykim! I'm glad you found something to be thankful about in that situation. Trying times like that in the morning are so difficult when you are half awake. Hope your test results turn out alright.

  2. How on earth do you find someone else's pictures of a broken ceiling fan?!

    I want to see the real picture please!

  3. ok--posted the real pic. My cholesterol was bad--I have an inherited problem and have liver enzime (sp?) problems so can't take meds. I hope to go back on fish oil when my doc oks it. The fish oil at least raises my good cholesterol 30 points and results in a proper ratio--but has no effect on the total unfortunately

  4. *sniffle*

    That fan was my old friend...