Sunday, September 9, 2007

Coffee maker

This is my latest coffee maker experience. I bought this at an estate sale. It was in a box of various items and this was just thrown in......this makes a nice, strong , full bodied brew. I have tried drip coffee makers and electric percolators and range percolators. The range ones make a good strong cup; but this thing in the picture I love. I have had it for about 8 years but never knew how to use it until 2 weeks ago. It is a filter that sits on top of anything---I use it on top of the correll (sp?) Thermos that was in the box. You put the boiled water over the coffee just enough to wet it. Then after it is wet you pour the rest filters down slowly and makes a nice strong smooth brew. It is similar to some fine filters in some drip coffee makers.


  1. Looks like the best kind of coffee maker to have... as it doesn't breakdown and stop working.
    since all you need is hot water...