Saturday, September 29, 2007

Perfect Day

This is a gorgeous day in SC--it was in the 50's last night and high 70's low 80's. Usc is playing now and then Clemson at 3:30---beautiful weather for football. I have a Mitford Ham cooking in the oven and the house is full of a wonderful fragrance. If it comes out as well as is smells I will post the recipe on my other blog later today. My sweet potato casserole is also cooking in the crock pot--so what could be better than this perfect Fall moment.
Well now--a little while later and the Ham is done--this is a picture of My Mitford Ham!! The pic of the game was from flickr


  1. WOW! I wish I was at your home today! I truly need to start cooking more. Now thats its cooler it will be easier.
    Enjoy your meal and your family

  2. sounds like you had a wonderful family day... every one yelling and rooting for their team and you cooking up a storm...
    enjoy the day!!!!!!!!

  3. It WOULD have been a perfect day if Clemson hadn't lost!

  4. It sounds like it was a perfect day! How nice for you and your family. Your ham looks and sounds wonderful! I will look for the recipe.

    :0) Sharon