Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thankfulness ;-) ---Giving Thanks

As one of the loveliness challenges for me this week--I had a goal to think of 5 things I am thankful for the first thing when wakening. This has now branched out and I want to constantly be thankful. The picture above is of a wonderful little book that just lists things in neat ways that the author jotted down over many years (not from a Christian perspective--but still good). Here are some examples from her book:
a romantic walk to look at Christmas decorations,
just-picked vegetables and fruits,
rosy mornings,
a surprise burst of joy,
the cooing doves of morning,
pets in line for the fire hydrant,
laughing as you remember good times together,
mouthwatering descriptions,
studying in the library,
blueberry jam, white place cards,
the sense of promise inherent in the start of a new year,
cotton shirts,
autumn feasts.......
ANYWAYS SHE LIST 14,000 things. So each day I think I will post at least one thing--that will be my challenge. Above I have showed two things. My coffee cup from the top of Mount Mitchell in NC--it is hand made and it always makes me think of one of the highest places east of the Mississippi ;-) ; and the beautiful creation exhibited there and the greatness of our God. The bottom picture is an old pillow I got second hand---maybe at an auction? Love the birds and the pillow just fits in the small of my back for wonderful comfort!! OK--anyone who reads this must at least do this today---post something to give thanks for!!!


  1. (1) I am thankful for my church family...
    (2) I am thankful for all by blogging friends, that I can share my faith with
    3) I am thankful to live in a free country like America where I have the freedom to worship God openly
    (4) I am thankful for a christian husband who love me unconditionally
    I could go on but I will leave space for others.

  2. The gorgeous fall weather.

    Rhianwen's friends.

    Our friends and family.


  3. What a wonderful challenge. Today I am thankful for:

    our Savior Jesus Christ
    a warm cup of tea
    a husband who likes to watch football
    vanilla candles
    and a cloudy sky